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iRep Africa

Since African print hit the market, it has been tough to let go of it, or so it seems. They are commonly refereed to as tribal prints and it’s  in everything I see these days. I have seen it in bangles, shoes, dresses, hats– it’s quiet ubiquitous! I have always thought of sewing pillow cases with kitenge ( that is the term East Africans use to refer to it) When I saw this picture I was yet again upset someone beat me to yet another “invention” 🙁 DARN !!

African pillow cases

Anyhow, it’s good to know it looks as good as I imagined it. Now, I’ll definitely make mine once I get my dream home!

Below I have former pictures of me and the ankara material – which is the term that West Africans, particularly Nigerians use for that “tribal” African material. Let’s go down memory lane and check me out in my African wear.

African materal

You know that picture is old-school (lol). Rocking cornrows?!?! WHAAAATTT?? Can someone say Alicia Keys!! lol

African material

This was at a friend’s wedding. She was marrying a Nigerian man but she is American. They had her decked out in a BEAUTIFUL Ankara piece! I wish I had those pictures to show.

African material


And yes you bet right!! For my college graduation I had a pencil skirt made out of kitenge for me. Gotta rep!! lol

African turban

African turban piece

And as of lately the trend is to wear pieces of it as a turban on your hair. Also it looks good as a bow tie for men, women or even your hair. You can even get a small piece of the material and use it to cinch your waist in place instead of a belt … just play with it.

Here are some inspirational photos : ( I have no idea where the pictures originated from. I googled them, the credit is not my own)


The dress below uses Kente material which is origin to Ghana. I want to replicate this style… we’ll see….

kente material


African bow tie

I cannot wait to make a bow tie for my nephew, he’s gonna look sooo cute!! I am gonna make one for myself too!!

SO I have two materials. One my dad brought from Kenya when he recently went on a visit ( The yellow one) the other I purchased from a good friend. Reminds me, I need to pay her! yikes!!

African materials

Here they are separately.

African material

African material

I hope you enjoyed a taste of Africa! I gotta start sketching designs for these yards of material! You got ideas for me?


Stylish Sana

Stylish Sana

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