11 Dec

M.A.C.ing it and my ‘lips are popping’

To rationalize the shopping I recently did– which by the way is just one item, I explain it as: sometimes the stores are shopping for you.

Okay so let me explain. I had zero intentions of finding myself at the mall. I literally got lost going somewhere else, I PROMISE. I became frustrated and when I saw the mall I was like I guess the stores were calling me?!? And that is one hard “NO” to say, especially when you’ve been having M.A.C on your mind!

Anywhoooo, I have been thinking of trying MAC for about a year or so now. I keep hearing some of the Youtube bloggers mentioning and testifying the wonders of it. So a sister want tempted you know…

MAC makeup

First off, I got one little, tiny thang!! ( yes I said THANG!!) Why the heck they gave me this big bag I have NO clue but it’s some sort of marketing tactic of sort I am betting ( remember marketing is my new passion, so I have been watching out for product packaging and such)


So I got a foundation, which is what I wanted to get! You know it is rare to walk away with just what we intended on getting. I got the Matchmaster shade 9.0 ( chocolate sister over here!!) Before I used Revlon color-stay cappacinno shade and photo-ready . Honestly I had no complaints. I like Revlon, but the loud praises from MAC users made me curious so now I am gonna MAC-it-out!


Okay so the girl at the store put some on me. She used a brush, I ain’t never used a brush to put on foundation but it looked smoother. ( I tell you they’ll have you buying everything if you ain’t strong: brush, lipstick, eye stuff … the whole store! Gotta take control am telling ya)

I  learned about the three diff. types of coverage: Sheer, medium and full. Basically light( sheer) foundation allows for some natural flaws to show like freckles. Medium somewhat covers. Full means you practically look like a Barbie–all smooth and shit. I am not sure what level coverage he one I got is, but I don’t have too much stuff I need to cover up. It maybe medium.

Also I tried on the dark lipstick you see. It is blackish purple or commonly known as eggplant purple – it is trending. Azealia Banks wore a similar shade in her video (posted picture below). Lord knows it took all the strength in me not to purchase it! I was in love but I left it 🙁

….I forgot to mention, the one thing I like about the foundation is the hues of shades! I appreciate that they reach deep into the various shades of dark-skinned girls. I have never seen a line do that! Go MAC!!


Just in the beginning of this year , I had created my own lipstick by mixing green eye-shadow, pink lipstick and I think blue eyeliner —breaking fashion rules I guess. Anyhow, it just donned on me how close the color I created is to this eggplant lipstick trend. Goodness!! to think I was trending before it was a trend! Hey!! ( check out my pic below)

Purple lipstick

I also tried on a red lipstick. Red is classic and it goes with every shade of skin tone if you ask me! I have been hearing about their matte lipstick so I tried it.


Once again, I am a bargain DIM ( Do it myself) kind of person, unless I got the money for it, I am gonna figure my own way to get the look (lol). In the past I purchased most of my lipstick at black hair shops where they are so cheap it’s like everyone should get one just because! The secret to making them stay on long, I dub a little foundation and then put it on.

red lips

Some of the lipstick brands I have are: Wet N Wild, Jordana and some the name wore off – but I promise you they are a lot of random brands and cheap ones at the beauty shops or even drug stores. I shop by price, hardly by brand(s) so if it’s affordable/cheap I most likely will get it.

Quick lipstick question, how can one get the color to stay on the inside part of your lip? I hate when there is that inner lip line and of course even if you put lipstick in there it will smear off quick because of the acidity from spit. So what’s the trick?

P.S excuse a sister’s bushy eyebrows (lol) I have been growing it out. I wanna try getting it threaded instead of waxing.


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