11 Dec

Short hair, don’t care…

I had feared short hair for so long until after graduating college. I decided I need a post-graduate new look – a look I never had before! A look that will drop jaws, a look that will be a headliner!!! So I rocked this short weave style to test it out. I didn’t want to chop my own locks right away. I reasoned WHAT if it doesn’t look good on me O_o ?!?!

pixie cut, quick weave


Now, fast forward, about two years later and other hairstyles in between I decided to chop my own hair finally. These are also head-shots from my classy Sunday series. I didn’t have time to take full shots, I apologize.

short hair do



Still continuing with my efforts to eat healthy, portion control,  and begin to drop these pounds!

fruits, mack and cheese


Stylish Sana

Mixup, Fixup & Short hair

Stylish Sana

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