19 Dec

Hello? Anyone out there?!


Yes you looking at this message. So I know you as a number only.  I know you and others have stopped by due to activity on the page. Over 400 views I have had and today I have decided to talk to you directly.

I have been changing the layout of my page a lot this week and primarily it’s because I want a user friendly page for you. If I cannot hear from you, how will I know?! A few of my friends have given me constructive feedback but I want to hear from you since you have stopped by.

I do know and agree the quality of the pictures can be better.  And yes I have asked Santa for a camera this year 😉  and we all have a beginning, it’s not always ON POINT right away either, so…

What are some other things about the navigation of the page that will make it more easy for you to MOVE around?

Please comment on this post telling me:

Is the page user friendly and interesting.

Are the  tabs  useful?

Do you like the layout?

How about font?

… if I do not hear from a single soul that’s just fine .

I’ll keep on  “doing me” just thought to be considerate and hear your input is all….

Mixup, fixup  & love always

–Stylish Sana

p.s some details of my ensemble at this moment…


As you know I like unique adornments, go figures this ring… I got it for less than $2 at Closet.


Smoking sandals are trending , there are knock-offs all over. You DO NOT have to get the $200 Jeffrey Campbell pair unless you just need to get rid of $200–which you can share with me instead, giggles***


Stylish Sana








Stylish Sana

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