23 Dec

DIY: ‘African-ised’

Hey all,

Today was a very hectic day for me.

I started my morning by creating some African accessories that will ensure you are “African-ised”, lol

Also, I had to cook for my choir’s Secret Santa dinner. ( see below what I prepared)


These are all the items I created. I CERTAINLY DO NOT plan on wearing them concurrently.


I made this bow tie that I am using a bobby pin to secure it with at the moment. I have plans to fix it.

The middle part is interchangeable, I used clip-on earrings that I misplaced.


That is an old clutch that I jazzed up, an old bracelet that I ” African-ised” and also used to make some simple hoops.



As you can see I switched the bow tie center piece for another clip-on earring.



 And here is the meal that I prepared for the pot-luck. I made chicken, shrimp and pasta. They really liked it, SCORE!!!



 And now everything cooked together:


As I said it was a Secret Santa event!. My person got me two watches!! Funny thing is I also got them a watch, lol.. Even funnier, as fate would have it, my person was my boyfriend! We got each other during the random exchange … we are meant to be ??


A close-up

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 I know it’s getting close to Christmas and there’re a lot of events going on and a lot of things to do. Please don’t be too stressed that you do not remember to take it all in and enjoy the season! 🙂

 How to make the bracelets and clutch:

Things you’ll need for both (pictured)

430913_10200311880463676_342987153_n 430800_10200311879903662_384591672_n

 Steps and directions for bracelet

(1) Find old bracelets you no  longer use.


(2) Cut a piece of cloth of choice, don’t worry about it being straight.

 (3) Squeeze the glue around a bracelet


(4) Begin wrapping the fabric immediately on top of the glue so it won’t dry.


The pink is not fabric, it’s masking tape!

551050_10200311874223520_2143855162_n(5) keep weaving it in and out and tightly so  it is gluing. After let it dry in sun or blow dry it and voila you have African bracelets or whatever material you use. I used old jeans, masking tape, left some un-decorated and used the fabric – I wanted various texture.


 Making the Clutch

(1) Find an old clutch you no longer use or get one from a second-hand store


(2) Remove on embellishments, especially if there’s  a central button


(3) Cut a cloth of your choice into the same shape as the part you want to add fabric to.

(4) Dub the cloth glue on the edges.


(5) Press the material on and iron down

307589_10200311872023465_1076469070_n 63733_10200311872263471_185383444_n

 (6) Finish, after ironing let it dry. Now you may bring back the same button embellishment like I did or find an earring you don’t care for or buy a huge clip-on from thrift store to use.


Steps for bow tie:

Well I misplaced those pictures 🙁  As always you can email me if you really want to make one Stylishsana12@gmail.com, subject  line: How to make bow tie.   I will send you directions and answer your questions there.


Mixup, Fixup and creative projects!



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