31 Dec

Last weekend, 2012

Hey folks!

I haven’t posted in a while! It has been quiet hectic, a lot is happening. It will die down after the New Year I am sure…

First off, let me announce the winner for our first give away:  I have the user-name Olikellopas!! You have won the animal print red shoes. Kindly send me an email: Stylishsana@mixupfixup.com to claim your new shoes!!  You have until Jan  20th  2013 to claim it.

Let me just say this, no one played by the rules to enter the drawing for the shoes. I still decided to do the drawing anyhow because I figured it’s the first time.

Kindly, revisit the rules here. In addition to subscribing there were other things required. The Give Away rules do vary for each particular give away. It will not the same throughout. I thank all you who took a part in our very first give away. There will be more to come!!


Now to this post (lol) This was the last weekend of 2012 .Everything about it was spontaneous, but I had a very FUN weekend overall.

Here is the rundown….

Friday after work my bffs and I took off to LA.  We went there to celebrate one of their birthdays.


 We enjoyed velvet cake and wine for her 25th b-day! We, also, caught up with our other friends in LA ( Los Angeles) and had some good ol’ laughs!!

Next, we dolled up and hit town: some Nigerian party by Veronica’s Kitchen( If you know where that is) It was alright.

Stella rose

I wore a jean-material inspired shirt, it was button-up and long sleeves. For bottoms, I had  faux-leather bodycon skirt. I  accessorized as I usual and especially because this was a very plain outfit.

I brought my wig out ( It was rainy, I didn’t feel like doing my hair) I curled it using the Remington pearl curling wand–which I will SWEAR by!!


jewelry up close

 Can you believe?!? My plain and simple mother picked out that necklace for moi?!  I like the yellow goldish shade.



 Honesty, I don’t take clothes and things like that serious. They are ALL perishable, they eventually become out of season, eventually end-up on the rack, you soon  get tired of it, the list goes on… may as well get it at a low-cost No? Am all about the thrift, exchange stores and clearance…

carna-sada fries

I forgot to mention. It’s an age-old tradition of my bffs’ and I  to eat carne asada fries when we come back to SD. Being that one of  my friends was here on holiday break from Pharmacy school, we grabbed some carne asada fries before our drive to LA ( notice the three forks) .

We swear by our weaves San Diego has the best Mexican food hands down! And carne Asada fries ( <–click to learn what it is) originated from San Diego, so yea we are bias! lol


 Okay so I had a “mini” heart-attack when we got home after dancing. I realized I was missing one earring! Don’t act like you don’t have those mini attacks– girl please!! lol

Anyhow, it’s even more painful when it’s the first time your debuting the item!

This one was a good ending though. After freaking out, as I was undressing for  bed I found  it broke off but it fell inside my shirt and it is TOTALLY fixable. Yaye  to a story with a good ending 🙂 !


Did I mention this was “eat-unhealthy” weekend? It’s nothing we planned, at times you just have that day (weekend).

Anyhow, in the morning we grabbed breakfast at this place: The Griddle Cafe,  I had a bitter-sweet experience.  It was almost 2 hours wait but the food is soooooo good and look at the portions?! I always feel guilty 🙁  after “deliciously-bad food” UGH!!WhAthEHeCk!!! **rolls eyes** by the way where is my left-over, LMBO


Next day was church, I  snapped a quick self-photo when I parked ( see below)

I wore a school-girl collar shirt which was polka dot. I paired it with a red knee-length leather skirt. I had on cream-colored heels, I finished by smearing soft pink lip color and accessorizing with a collar necklace and triangular silver clip-on earring.

leather polka dot

 After church, my friends and I had a “Clean-your-closet exchange party“. It’s a nice mini party to have with your girlfriends.

It’s also a plus to begin the new year by cleaning your closet or even finding lightly used or sometimes unused items from your friends to exchange with.

I don’t wanna bore yall, if your interested in having one and have questions email me: Stylishsana@mixupfixup.com.

 Whew! Well that was my weekend minus fun-time with my guy ( which I had a blast with him as well 😉 )  I hope yall enjoyed your last weekend of 2012 🙂

Watch out for a post tomorrow about New Year’s dress ideas!!

p.s We “thrifted” in LA. We went to one store, Closet something or perhaps just Closet. I don’t remember.

I bought one  top and I got a dress for the birthday girl.

Mixup, Fixup & love always

–Stylish Sana

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