31 Dec

New year in style.

Tonight is New Years!! Ring it in Style ladies. Below are some options of things to wear if your going to a party, church or to a glamorous family event, There is something for everyone!

Sequence is classy and expected– it is the safe route. If a dress is way short (mid-thigh) wear some opaque leggings and it’ll look classy.

Stay with solid colors, you do not want your dress too busy– the dress is the SIGNATURE. For once you can go light with your jewelry.  STAND OUT!

Lace and one shoulder dresses are also very common for a New year’s occasion. Makeup, this is the time to début your bright lips! Since your dress is the one thing you want standing out and your going light with jewelery don’t shy away from a red lip, hot-pink lip, or even salmon orange…etc just make sure not to leave any smudges on your significant other after the New Year’s kiss 😉 unless you’re marking your territory, hehe…





What you wear to ring in the New Year all depends on where you’ll be. I am assuming some of the top places people go to are: bars, lounges, clubs …  some party of sort  etc.

Some  folks also go to church, like me.  Actually, a family tradition of mine growing up and still ongoing, yeap! We stayed home ( we shared stories, watched a movie, played games, sing songs, socialize) until it strikes midnight then we had a family prayer.

My father would generally lead the prayer. He prayed over our new year’s resolutions that we were asked to write. Overall, we simply praised and worshiped.

My dad puts the resolutions  inside the “family” bible . It’s neat to see the ones from the previous year and measure, lol. After prayers, folks can go do whatever they had planned to celebrate. Back then, this is when my sister and I will try to execute our escape-plans to sneak out and go to some party!! lol memories!

I have rung in the New Year in these three places : party-setting, at home with family or a loved one and even at church. Tonight, I will probably be at church or with my family, I am not sure yet.

Anyhow, it’s obvious you don’t have to worry about what to wear if you you’re with family, I say be COMFORTABLE!

As for those thinking of dressing up for a “function” or those who plan to be at church, above were some outfit ideas.

It is an unspoken rule of sort  to wear dresses for New year– actually the holidays in general but do not be afraid to break this rules and wear something else! Know your body-shape and wear what makes it look BOMB!

Be comfortable, feel glamorous and pretty, 2012 PEACE OUT! 2013 HERE WE ARE!!

Cheers to a new year!!

Mixup, Fixup & love always

–Stylish Sana




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