01 Jan

A year in review…



Today is the first day of the New Year. I want to review the previous year and highlight some of the events that took place for me — launching this blog was of one them.

I launched it at the end of the year. It has been longgggggg overdue! It was an idea I have been wanting to make a reality for a while. This year I finally made it happen!

I want to sincerely thank my personal friends who have been instrumental in encouraging me to open up my world to others– specifically my closet hehehe. I appreciate all that stop by and read my day-to-day life reports.

A special thanks to those who are subscribed. Thanks a lot and Happy New Year. I hope you continue to follow me on my journey of life, discovery and growth. Importantly, I hope you see a bit of yourself in my experiences and you can relate to my stories 🙂

Now a list of things I went through in 2012–  the toughest year for me ever! It was an ugly year but am thankful to have made it and to have learned PLENTY of lessons and garnered a lot of stories to share in the future  (lol)


– I became a “nomad” traveling from house to house, couch to couch to find a place to stay. I couldn’t find employment after graduating college nor did I get accepted into the grad programs I applied for so I had to say bye to my beautiful one bedroom apartment.  I embarked on a journey of homelessness of sort.

– I moved from one city to another ( 8 hours apart) back home to my parents 🙁

– I terminated a friendship with one of my girlfriends.

– I was robbed. About 60% of my belongings were stolen on my move back to SD!

– I temporary worked at an after-school program with kindergardeners! Cute but not for me! lol

– I got my heart-broken and betrayed–   I didn’t see it coming!!

– I became an aunt for the first time ( I love my nephew “lu”!!)

I got my eye brows threaded for the first time! Goodbye waxing.

– I was a part of a group of people who got laid off  ( company I worked for laid 450 people off w/ no notification and only after working there 3 months)

– I started a fashion blog ( your looking at it, lol)

– I permed my hair ( this is the 3rd time in my life, I hardly perm)

– I crushed the front part of my car ( very small but obvious)

– I joined a church choir ( first time)

– I turned 25 so I am no longer on my parent’s medical insurance 🙁 sucks!

– I bailed someone from jail,  hopefully this is the first and last time ( two people I care about got locked-up for the same false accusation, 4 months a part)

– I drank beer, lol yeap first time! it wasn’t too bad…

– I bought my first MAC anything!! lol ( foundation and I love it)

– I lost my grandma 🙁 on my mom’s side

– I bought an internet domain ( this here mixupfixup.com)

I started studying for the GRE ( standardized exam for entrance into grad-school programs)

– I ordered clothes online, yes first time. It didn’t fit me well so we’ll see if I’ll repeat. Shoes and accessories it’s all good.

– I participated in Cyber Monday. Way better than Black Friday if you ask me!

– I introduced a guy of interest to one of my brothers! If you know me I don’t bring any ol’ nonsense around my people. It’s the first time EVER I brought any man in front of one of my brothers. It went well.



That was a quick high-light for 2012. The New Year is starting off on a good note! I have some great things I am working on. I hope it all goes well :-/ Happy New Year Again!


Stylish Sana


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