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2013 Style resolution.

Some folks dress because  –well it’s essential ( lol). You, obviously, cannot run around nude  — sorry but the Adam & Eve days has been long over –blame Eve!

While it is a necessity to wear clothes, there are those who meticulously think/plan what they are going to wear and then dress.

They enjoy personal style and/or have a taste for fashion. They are cautious of their look and intentionally play with it; tweaking and experimenting occasionally or even consistently.

I don’t know which you are. You may fall in one of these categories or perhaps there is a third category which I am not familiar with.

This piece focuses more on personal style not trends.

I have a hate-love relationship with “trends” You ain’t gonna tell me I am ” soo out of season” and keep introducing stuff every season that I should get to stay ” in season” CHILD we ALL ain’t got $$ like that!

I have my style, now, I may want to see what you have to say ( corporate fashion world) about what’s trending or what’s in this season or that season … but ultimately I decide–THANK YOU. I may get knock-off versions too (YES) . lol


I am using Kelis for styling reference,  many may not know her as a fashionista but in my eyes she is.

Looking at this line-up  you see she transcends her look in various ways. She looks classy in that sailor inspired dress, the next minute she is eclectic and daring in photos #3 and #4.   Her style, certainly, is not stagnant. She directs it.

Personally, I  don’t have an answer for what my style is. I am not even sure I wanna limit myself by throwing a title.

There are various styles ( so why not dub here and there, feel me?) But there are people who label themselves proudly to one style, such as ” my style is boho-chic” ( see below for definition and understanding)

There are many styles, I am only going to high-lighting a couple to help ya with the fashion-vocab.  So you can better articulate your look and decided in 2013 what your fashion resolution will be.

Boho-chic: Basically hippie style, bohemian inspired look.  loose-fitting, “floaty” pieces, pastel colors or flowers, long, light, sheer textures,  hippie head bands. Olsen twins come to mind for me. See below:


Goth Style: This is dark-color heaven– specifically the darkest of all colors: BLACK!

Black lips, dark make-up: heavy liner. And for some reason deep-red and dark-purple is highly associated with this style. Punk rock-stars and vampire is what it makes me think of.

However, do not run away just yet, you can create your own soft-version of a goth style. (See Rihanna below) I really like how she makes this style her own. Also see our former MixFix arrest Grace Martin here ( scroll down, last picture. She is in all black and it has leather too!)




Notice the purple hair at the end ( Kate Perry) and notice Rihanna’s red lips ( below) This two colors, as I said, are associated with this style.

imagesJBiel_GL_26oct10_pa_b_592x888 goth-308x360

Check out goth makeup below.  One of these days I will wear my black lipstick for yall!! I like to mix it with purple, it tones it down a bit but still keeps that deep dark look.

maryj2 Beyonce-Black-Lipstick Glittery-Black-Lipstick

I am gonna try this goth-style for a future post! This will be a part of my 2013 style resolution– try dark looks! Yall know that will be a challenge, I love color!!

Nautical style: This is preppy, clean-cut, sophisticated, polished, comes-from-well-to-do family look (lol) sailor inspired look.

Check it out ( below) It reminds me of the brands: Nautica, and Tommy Hilfiger or stuff you can get from Gap, or Old Navy. Lots of stripes, whites, blues and red.


(above) Princess Kate Williams’ sister : Pippa Middleton proves to us it’s also a loyalty style! lol

See “Bey” rocking this style (below) and check out Jay-Z in the next photo!


Vintage style: This is the hardest style to describe. Most folks who shop at thrift stores ( me) would say their ensembles are  vintage.  Garments originating from another era, second-hand, “antiquish”. It is indi ( Independent) retro, “old-schoolish”.

One of my favorite clothing sites:  Mod Cloth sales items in this style.  Check them out.  BE WARNED, you may start shopping! Cute stuff!!

when I think of vintage style, I think: flared skirts, flared dresses, cinched waistlines, polka dots, gold chains, lots of prints, florals, velvet, laces etc…

Then there’s the  various types of glasses ; I love glasses inspired by this style/era ( See below)

super-ilaria-sunglasses-ret deadstock-vintage-glasses_400 Free-Shipping-3pcs-lot-Elvis-women-s-big-box-vintage-sunglasses-cat-eye-style-sunglasses-female katy-perry-wearing-prada-sunglasses2

I also  like the makeup: bright lips, heavy eyeliners — Egyptian-looking and thick eyebrows. Very sensual makeup, I tell you!

retro-makeup-300x225 beyonce-countdown-music-video

HEY, I just remembered my make-up and look on Christmas was vintage/retro, see below. For more picture, see  here

christmas outfit

There are also various  hats:  tilt hat, turban hat, platter beret hats,  fedora, bowler hat etc…

There is the Black mustache ( black mustache is now trending, I want a necklace or shoes in it)

OHHH the hair styles ( big curls, huge bangs) and then the hair accessories ( scarf print, bandana), and even more vintage jewelry–it’s SUPER vast.

I am even having a hard time finding pictures ugh!! <— most of the colored (purple and blue words) are links, so you can see an image and know what it looks like) I hope it helps you in conceptualizing this comprehensive style.

Beyoncé’s “Why Don’t You Love Me?” music video comes to my mind. Her attires in that video were very retro/vintage! I liked every single piece!

Yes this is one of my all-time favorite styles! It’s feminine and am very voluptuous — so “we go”! lol


You know who is the current epitome of retro/vintage?  None other than Beyoncé’s sister: SOLANGE!!

I adore her style!! I can never stop looking at her looks when I start. I also like Rihanna’s style. She is always renovating, never allowing her self to grow complacent.  Be warned: I am about to indulge in Solange madness with the pictures! lol it could be excessive :-/ yikes!

Solange Knowles steps out looking very tribal as she leaves a nightclub in Los Angeles 0-Solange-RollaCoaster-Magazine solange-knowles-losing-you-bts-2 Solange-Knowles-New-Face-Of-Madewell

No one, I repeat no one can mix crazy prints like solange and still look normal. This chick got mad, edgy, jaw-dropping  style for dayyssssss!!! and she likes color like me so yea I try to mimic her look! lol

Print-mixing is such a hot topic now. Some think it looks like a mess! It looks as if one fell in their laundry basket  and then rose up with various colors, prints. lol

Others, think it’s  genius if done correctly — and that’s the trick! I tried once and OH MAMA!! I was a hot mess trying to mix animal prints and some flowers. I swear folks were staring me down ALL DAY! When I get it right, I will make sure to do a post!



Something about wearing your natural hair, specifically black kinky textured hair, Afros, TWA ( Tiny Winy Afros) poofs, huge loose frizzy hair, blow out or even puff-balls is retro/vintage style too. Especially how you dress yourself in correlation to your natural hair. It could be the  gold chains, tribal prints, mixing prints..etc

Natural-Hair-Bloggers-Coco-and-Creme Kelis-King-of-New-York-PartKelis again, look  at her BIG-OLD chains! DANGGG!!!

Alright, I have covered a few types of styles . There are still others :  earthy, urban, bold ( this one is about standing out, you will be looked at definitely, whether in a crazy way or good way, I don’t know). There is: feminine/classic, glam, sporty…etc.

I highlighted some of the ones that will be a part of my style resolution for 2013 and informed yall on others ( Fashion vocab).

The looks I want to explore and play with are: Goth, and  print mixing) Certainly, one can mix and fix ( mix N match) these various styles as they please.

After all, this is mixup, fixup !!!

Oops I forgot one  other style for my resolution! I want to get in into wearing whites — specifically dresses, and skirts not jean material pants either.

Only time I think of white attire is if I am invited to a white-party/occasion otherwise it’s nonexistent to me.

The tricky thing is; while black is slimming, white not so much– it can be tricky to pull off ! And you have to worry about it getting dirty, sighhh OH dear fashion! And this is where cream comes in, YAYE!! 🙂

StandardStyle_WhiteDress-KansasCity little-white-wedding-dresses-one-shoulder-short-designer-bridal-gowns.original

So, what are you fashion resolutions for 2013? You have any? Share, share!!



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