10 Jan

So over it

Everyone, at some point, has purchased one item that they  were so “juiced” to make a part of their closet.

And then sooner or later, for some reason, they’ re so over it! At times you don’t even comprehend how it could have excited you so much before?! Kinda reminds me of that one ex you don’t claim because, until now, you don’t understand how they were ever ” your man” lol

The same happens in fashion. Below is a line-up of some trends/styles that some fashion gurus, experts deem as over-done. They have concluded we need to leave these trend in 2012.

Let me just say I am disappointed some things on the list I am just starting to like. And this is why I say it’s about your style not about what’s trending. If you’re still feeling it, honey,  ROCK IT!!


peplumsWhether it be shirt, dress, skirt, many stylist are so over this style, however it’s already surfacing on Spring 2013 runway again.I say yaye because I have a peplum shirt which I wore only once and a jacket am yet to wear. I am just getting around to this trend.

Also it is the one style that can flatter all shapes. If you have curves it accentuates  it, if not, it gives the illusion so it’s a win-win!


wedges sneakers

I have only seen them on celebs , not on the average person. I guess in the celebrity sphere it’s over-done!? UPDATE, it’s Spring ’14 and now I see it everywhere!

If Bey can take off her heels and rock them, I think anyone can too (lol). It’s worth giving this style a try. I am a heels girl but if I found a knock-off at a great price I wouldn’t mind it.  UPDATE, I got a black pair from DSW, I even wore it dancing!

(There are so many varieties: glitter, studs, spikes..look into it)

head decor

I am not sure I like these or if I will ever try it.  Where would I go with this very obvious adornment on my head without being looked at? It’s safe to say it looks best with long hair too. This,  I don’t mind leaving behind in 2012.

And did you see this? ( see below)  I ran into it while researching… you see the jewelry on Kim Kardishans ‘ pony-tail? Gosh us women are so complex!!  I don’t even know what it’s called.

Kim kardishan

studs and shoesI ain’t even got a pair so am not sure they are played out! (lol )I am studding a bag for my mom and am thinking of studding an old shoes of mine. I will post pics when I do it. I do like the “bad girl, tough appearance”  it gives!


bandage dressWait! I ain’t got my bandage dress yet! I do agree they are over played but I haven’t been able to find a pair I like. They are quickly becoming scarce. I will have to go on Ebay. Oh gosh, my curves would killer in these!

denim shirt

They are clearly blind, at least I am hoping they are! Denim shirts are here to stay! I finally got a pair and I can’t wait to try the denim on denim style–forget just the shirt alone.

denim on denim One of my favorite blogger, Style Pantry, rocking the denim on denim look!


That was their list of things to bury in 2012,  here is my list of things  , actually only two things,  one was a major fail , the other completely overplayed.

No heel shoes

While I like some of Lady Gaga’s music, I am mad at her for allowing this “No-heel shoe” trend to become mainstream. It is a major fail! It was good for Gaga, not anyone else. I do not like it at all! It  looks bothersome and unappealing – in short IT IS UGLY!  I hope it died in 2012 (crosses fingers)

high low

Yes I am over high-low ANYTHING!!! We have wore this style out people!! Let’s use our creative juices to create other pieces. Fashion world please DO NOT produce anymore of these!! Sorry if you don’t have a pair but they have been around for a while.

What are some trends you do not want following us into 2012? Which do you still want to enjoy?

Do you agree with my two choices?

Stylish Sana

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