15 Jan

Who rocked the carpet?

The Golden Globes, as usual, brings out the best and the not-so-best in fashion. I will not dive in a long-winded detailed discussion about why I like a certain look, however I may discuss my least favorite looks.

First up, my favorite looks from the night. I really think they speak for themselves, only way one will disagree is if they’re blind— okay maybe you will just disagree and I will never understand (lol)

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Below are my least favorite gowns. I am sad to say most of these folks usually hit the nail on the head.I don’t know what happened to Jennifer Lopez,  Halle Berry and even Lucy Lu?!?


I am not sure if she has the right shape for this gown or this gown is just a mess altogether!? Something is off!


The designer for Lucy Lu’s gown was really attempting something  new and spectacular, personally, it reminded me of a kitchen curtain. That print is too much to have at that quantity, maybe pieces of it would have worked  with another solid color?! I do like her hairstyle, at least 🙂


Halle always looks bomb, I hope she was forced into this gown. This cannot be her choice, it doesn’t line-up with the usual glamorous looks she adorns. I am not feeling the print and the color doesn’t work for her skin either.


J. Lo’s ensemble isn’t entirely bad, I see what they were going for but it’s overkill!! The material underneath the lace matches too closely to her tone. It looks like body paint instead of a classy gown–which is what lace is known for. I like the idea once again, don’t get me wrong. I also love the hair style, it’s gentle, soft and lady-like!


I don’t fancy the hairstyle for this dress or the dress– NOTHING IS WORKING!. I think it’s a case of “depends on who wears it” It could look better on a different person– emphasis on “COULD”.

I hardly watch the awards but being that I blog now I decided to review pictures from the red carpet and give my “fashion-opinion”. Many are saying red was the color of the  night. I saw more pastels , blacks and shimmer.

What do you think of my favorite picks and not-so favorite looks? Do you agree?

Mixup, Fixup & love always,


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