26 Jan

Viva Las Vegas!!

It does good to the body and to friendships to get away– even for two whole days 🙂

las vegas

We stayed at the MGM Grand ( see below)

Photo Credit: unknown

Photo Credit: unknown

Oh and I don’t know if you recall but I had a fur vest on my ” Currently lusting” segment ( see right side bar) for a while at beginning of my blog. Hours before our trip, I drove by a thrift/trade store ( Thrift Trader) and I spotted a fur vest in the front for only $15.oo and it’s vintage!!

Something about fur make me  have an allusion  of wealth! lol

Photo credit: Ada. O

Photo credit: Ada

Okay back to the trip….

Photo Credit: Sade

Photo Credit: Sade

We drove to Vegas, ROAD TRIP!!!  Interesting coincident, my two besties and I  had black leggings and boots on concurrently– unplanned I promise! For a long trip, leggings should be the preferable wear because it’s comfortable.

Photo Credit: Ada O.

Photo Credit: Ada

I loved the huge glass window in our room, but the view wasn’t marvelous 🙁 nah nah .. we lucked out!

Next exhibit: take a tour of thy room….hehe

Photo Credit: Ada O.

Photo Credit: Ada

hotel MGM

Photo Credit: Stylish Sana

Photo Credit: Stylish Sana

Photo Credit: Stylish Sana ( My bracelets)

After some much needed nap and lunch, we were ready to hit the Vegas night-life!

Photo Credit: unknown

Photo Credit: unknown

Makeup time and trying to decide which way to style my short hair for the first night….

Short pixie cut

The ladies and I!!!

African classy ladies

African ladies

African girls

African women

And we are off…..




With of one my BFFs

curves and prints

Yo! It ain’t easy wearing prints on a curvy body!! I am not sure I nailed this look. It’s not exactly what I envisioned but I packed very light and I had no other choice. I thrift-ed this dress, originally it was long and flared. I cut it and got it sewn by my tailor Rosa!


Okay so that’s what we all wore the first night. We hit up Jay-Z’s club 1OAK  ( One of A Kind) and when I say we had a blast that in itself is an understatement. None of us could remember the last time we had such a delightful time!



By now, you know jewelry is my weakness, so I started snapping close ups! hehe…

Next day: food, drinks and things


This sandwich is from Earl Of Sandwich, supposed “The world’s greatest hot sandwich”. For me it was alright, I had better hot sandwiches, but all my friends though it was bomb! I say try it for yourself and decide.


We were so tired from the night before but it wouldn’t be a Vegas experience without walking down the “Strip” . So we dragged our tired bodies off bed and enjoyed the walk.

Some guy even gave us a compliment stating, ” Are you all sisters?” To which we concurrently responded “YES!!” Him: ” Dang, you guy’s mom must be very pretty– nice genes.” (lol)

food drinks

Cheers to life post undergraduate, life in the 20s and more to come … like men of quality (lol) **insider**

We also had this humongous nacho I had NEVER EVER EVER seen a huge nacho like that in my life! I took a picture with my cell but it didn’t do justice. Let me just say all 5 of us ate it and we all  skipped dinner and we were all full!!

Next night out

It’s no coincident that we all have the same cross necklace on, check it out below. It’s a trip’s souvenirs for us to remember  this very fun weekend with 🙂 We purchased it from Forever21 Las vegas.

African women


Small world!! We found out one of our friends was also in Vegas. She joined us on our last night! Sweet girl!


For the last night we frequented some place called Pure, it was alright…

The idea of this all black ensemble was great in my mind but I didn’t like how it turned out on me. Gosh! I really gotta get serious with my gym, nothing is fitting how I envisioned, ugh!!!

Time to say good bye to a short and fun-filled trip


Peace out!!

And here to recovering from the sleep-less two nights

Knocked out asleep

P.S We did some shopping, I will be sure to share what I got soon.

Later friends!


Stylish Sana 🙂

Stylish Sana

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  1. Maureen

    I love your blog stylishSANA. It is encouraging to know someone like you who is following her passion. I want to encourage you to keep it up, you are a bright young lady with so many ideas and I am happy to know you are putting them to use, it will take you far in life. I will frequent your sight often to get some tips on stores to shop at that is cheap 🙂 I am also a quote junkie, I collect quotes I like and post them on my Facebook page and read them once in a while. So if you see some quotes in your blog on my facebook page you already know wassup. Enough about me stylish SANA keep up the good work on mixupfixup.com; I am a supporter and don’t forget me when you go to Hollywood (naija accent)!!!

    • Stylish Sana

      Aww thanks Maureen!! I appreciate your support and checking out the blog!! You have always been so upbeat!
      –Stylish San a


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