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Hi friends!

It’s almost Spring, which is my favorite season.

If you get confused when they refer to seasons, I wanna help you understand, now that I understand.

So here is seasons and fashion 101 – class begins!

Photo found: webclipart.about.com
Photo found: webclipart.about.com

Generally they are four seasons: Summer, Fall ( at times refereed to as Autumn), Winter, and Spring

The season are different geographical depending on where you live. Some of them are much more sever than others, such as winter, some folks get snow while here in San Diego we just get cold and rain. It does snow on the mountains.

Here is California’s season calender:

Summer: Jun-Aug,  Fall: Sept-Nov,   Winter:Dec-Feb,   Spring: Mar to May

Photo located:onutzac.deviantart.com
Photo located:onutzac.deviantart.com

 Fortunately  for us San Diegans,” our daily high temperatures don’t vary much during the year, averaging in the 60s°F (15.6°C) from December through May, and in the 70s°F(21.1°C) from June through November. What passes for rainy season here generally lasts from November to February, but an entire month’s rainfall often comes in one day.”– referenced from San Diego weather site

Anyhow, why should this matter to you and styling yourself, right?

As a blogger, I have pushed myself to learn more about the professional fashion world. Yes, I have been into runways as of lately! I am trying to understand this whole thing about someone somewhere dictating which color or style is in for me (lol).

This directed me to fashion week and this are some of the results for Spring 2013 Pre-fashion week.

 Spring 2013 Trend Report. ( I looked at Style, Vogue, Nymag and Harper Bazaar)

These are what I saw on the runways and these styles will be hitting department store soon ( I will do a post on that later), I already see some of these styles emerging.

 – Ruffles ( deep frills, edgy neckline)

– High slits

– Men inspired wear

-Print mixing


– Black And White (contrast opposite attracts)

-Slice, dice cuts

mcx-nyfw-trends-victoria-beckham-look-26-lgn mcx-nyfw-alexander-wang-look-31-lgn

– Checkers

– Kimono inspired looks

– Peekaboo ( especially peekaboo midriff)  veiling ( transparent materials, featherweight, silk, chiffon, etc)

mcx-nyfw-trends-jill-stuart-look-7-lgn mcx-nyfw-timo-weiland-look-37-lgn mcx-nyfw-trends-cushnie-et-ochs-look-14-lgn

-Multi-layered looks. (mash-ups of patterns and textures)

– Power suits/tuxedo with sexy appeal

Photo source:http://blog.forever21.com/ss13-paris-fashion-week-our-10-most-omg-moments/

Photo source:http://blog.forever21.com/ss13-paris-fashion-week-our-10-most-omg-moments/

New York Runway

-Bright colors!

-lots of Leather by Alexandra Wang


-well-lined attire

Favorite styles on runway for me:

Michael kor, ( click here for runway)

Oscar de la rente, (click here for runway)

Marc by Marc Jacob. (click here for runway)

I find it a pleasant coincident that for my style resolution 2013 ( read here) I said I want to get more into whites and Gothic black and it is back to basics again this season with lots of blacks and whites! Hey I could be a part of this runway thang eh?

Bright colors are generally a spring thing so that’s no surprise.  If you want a sense of direction for your dressing attire in Spring start looking in your closet and gathering great pieces for spring or watch out for them when your shopping. I will also be keeping yall posted on great spring items that I discover.



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