13 Feb

Introducing our first MIXFIX Guy…

Hey yall!

I thought it would be proper and fitting to find and arrest a guy for February’s MixFix Arrest since it’s Valentines Day and all!

Introducing to you a delicious piece of chocolate : Gbola Kupoluyi!



Click here to learn more about him and his style or go above and click on MixFix Arrest!

P.S It took us a while to find someone to arrest, I don’t want to have long intervals of time like this again.

I am going to enlist your hep, yes you! lol  I need you to shoot me an email Stylishsana@mixupfixup.com if you know of anyone who is notable of being arrested and detained for their wonderful creation of fashion.

Now, we of course do not want to hurt anyone’s fashion ego but there’s a panel of people who ,at random, decide. So not all will be accepted, know this in advance–I don’t want no one crying or going off on me… you have been informed.

I hope your week is going well

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