14 Feb



Love evaluation time
When this day rolls around, I rarely think…
What are you going to get me?
Where are we going?
what “freakum” dress should have your jaw hanging.

I realize
Showing me a good time
Spoiling me with stuff
Or even me dressing up for you … well…
Has happened plenty through the year and we can continue that

Why ,now, on this day must it be particular?

Instead I find myself analyzing our love
Re-playing sentimental memories
Reviewing hardships we have overcome
Trying to understand what love is and why it is that I love you

I see the spirit of love all around me
Streets decorated with roses
Candy all over the office
Most of all I focus on us
I fear the distraction may lead me astray on our/my definition of love

Valentine’s day
There’s so much noise around us and in our head, but
Thanks to this day: I reflect, I re-affirm, I understand why….
Why I chose you (however long ago)
Why I want to continue loving you
Why you’re always my Valentine by default

Happy “Valuation” day my love
I validate our union, again
Sealed, stamped and official baby

You pass my love test
You meet my need, my wants
You allow me to be me
You accept me as I am
I am very happy with you

Just saying…
I still may pull out that freakum dress
I love seeing your reaction, hehe 😉
I lOVE you!

By: Stylishsana
I told you I also love writing reflective pieces/ poetry
I wanted to share this piece that I wrote a while back, I hope you liked it!
Happy V-day all, enjoy


Pic from:almighty-yellowphant.blogspot.com

Pic from:almighty-yellowphant.blogspot.com

Stylish Sana

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