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H&M Lookbook Spring’13

H&M is definitely one of my favorite stores to frequent. They are exceptionally affordable and trendy! Also for a curvy body like mine, I manage to find sizes that can accommodate voluptuous figures; double plus for H&M.

Here a few pieces of item they are carrying this season

conscious collection S/2013

Lots of flower prints, appropriate for Spring!

HM-Hat-2013 HM-Long-Sleeves-Shirt-2013 hm-conscious-collection-sp13-0220 hm-conscious-collection-sp13-0221 hm-conscious-collection-sp13-0225 hm-conscious-collection-sp13-0226-395x1050 hm-conscious-collection-sp13-0228 hm-conscious-collection-sp13-0229 hm-conscious-collection-sp13-0334-400x1050 hm-conscious-collection-sp13-0336 hm-conscious-collection-sp13-0337-397x1050 hm-conscious-collection-sp13-0440 HM-Glasses-2013

Personally am not all that crazy by the print choice. It looks like a vacation print to an exotic island. My favorites from it is the shoes, the lime tank and flower shorts.

Here is more looks of other style and color pallet  they have. These looks are full of embellishments, fringe and Boho touches everywhere.

hmspring2013lookbook-16 hmspring2013lookbook-1 hmspring2013lookbook-2 hmspring2013lookbook-3 hmspring2013lookbook-4 hmspring2013lookbook-5 hmspring2013lookbook-6 hmspring2013lookbook-7 hmspring2013lookbook-8 hmspring2013lookbook-9 hmspring2013lookbook-10 hmspring2013lookbook-11 hmspring2013lookbook-12 hmspring2013lookbook-13 hmspring2013lookbook-15

I like this style more. My favorite is the over-sized shirts especially the red one with matching pants. Also, I like the romper and fringe beige mid-skirt

Let me know your experience next time you go.

As you know I don’t necessarily shop in season so am not in a hurry. ( No corporate fashion world is gonna tell me what to wear and when and I abide) I mix, fix as I please so… besides, it’s better to wait because the prices will drop or these will all , ONE DAY, be on the rack 🙂



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