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He “nailed” it.

I stand strong in my claim: most  beautiful creations created for us women, almost always, has a man behind it. I will seize making a list of such examples  for now, it’ll be a blog for another day.  Instead, I want to shed light on a nail polish inventor who recently died. I want to give him tribute for his most recent creation: breathable nail polish.


Wojciech Inglot, a  polish native, was a chemist and entrepreneur, he died Feb. 23 at the age of 57 but he will not be forgotten because, as you can imagine, he is instrumental to many women’s pampering routing, specifically Muslim women.

His exceptional invention of breathable nail polish that yield way for air and moisture to get to the nail bed is a hit with Muslim women.


Per Islāmic believes women shouldn’t have their nails polished especially during prayers. As they do clean themselves prior to prayers, you can imagine the inconvenience of removing and applying nails when religiously they are mandated to pray 5 times a day.

Argument state,” Though the Muslim holy book, the Quran, does not specifically address the issue of nail polish, some Islāmic scholars have said that water must touch the surface of the nail for the washing ritual to be done correctly,”– Vanessa Gera, chief correspondent in Poland for The Associated Press.

So Inglot’s invention, also known as O2M, which stands for oxygen and moisture is a perfect solution for our Muslim sisters!

  Some scholars have confirmed the product is tolerable per Islāmic law ; it is marketed as Halal certified!

If you would like to order the nail polish, go here

gl7tuf21jkz6kky9jc4huovvle9z62kgOne would think as a fashion blogger, I probably would have my nails regularly beautifully polished adorning the most recent nail trends, colors and what-not.

Admittedly, I am not a “do-my-nails” consistently type of girl. Shamefully, instead I do my nails  primarily when I have to wear an open-toe shoes–and yes at times while my feet are already in the shoes and yes only the toes that are showing! I know, I know… but you know you have had to pull that move at least once ( don’t judge me). I also do my nails in the case I have to wear sandals or one of my girlfriends gives me the look of disgust or ” come-on girl” look–yikes!


Notice, I was primarily referring to toe-nails. Fingernails? FORGET IT! My biggest frustration with finger nails is the paint washes out sooner because we use our hands often consequently leaving the nails looking rusty, cracked, and old and calling more attention. Now, it’s more obvious you have to re-do your nails than just not painting it at all! so I prefer to stay away. Or perhaps I am using cheap brands. Any recommendations?


Okay I’ll admit, I have moments when I can handle the routine of doing nails for like a month and then I fall out of it. I envy ladies whose fingers are always on point. Above was a highlight of my nail-polish history from this past fall and summer.

It’s all my real nails, I am not fond of fake nails. It makes my nails feel weak, I can count on one hand how many times I have had added nails.  I want to try more funky designs this Spring, stay tuned my friends!

p.s a little trick to make your natural nails grow faster. After eating orange use the skin and rub it against your nail tips, allowing for the citrus to ooze in it. A family friend told me that once when I was young. I always do that when i eat orange! I think it works :-/

What is your go-to nail-color and what is the trick to staying consistent?



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