15 Mar

Nicki Minaj, simple beauty

Nicki Minaj, fashion wise, is known for her over-the-top attires and wigs. I swear she has every color of wig, if not, at minimum one wig encompassing all colors! She is, no doubt, the black Lady Gaga if I can say. I am not sure who came first or if either are inspired by each other. All I can say is she’s doing too much to a beautiful canvas: her.

She recently had a photo shoot with ELLE magazine for their April cover and oh boy she looks so beautiful in this make-under shoot. Nothing short of what I expected once all the garish décor was wiped. Nicki Minaj is simple beauty!

See it for yourself…





Photo Courtesy of Elle

And here for how we typical see her dressed:

The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet


If you ask me, I think the crazy attires is all for show. It’s like her work attire in her world…



Stylish Sana

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Stylish Sana

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