29 Mar

Resurrection Day (outfits)

This Sunday is Easter, it’s  a Christian festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion.  Now, it’s also the day church is most packed, I wanna say next to Christmas … However, I’ll just keep my personal  thoughts about that elsewhere **clears throat**

Anyhow, let’s not lose meaning of this day as we get dressed to celebrate and worship together, that said I have a few ideas of styles for Easter Sunday so you’re looking your best and hopefully feeling good too 🙂

The classic go-to Easter look is a flowery flared dress. See how I styled it:

Easter Sunday

target.com, in general target has a lot of affordable dress. Trying looking there!
This is a classic Easter dress for the church-going girl. I incorporated the current black and white trend in it by throwing that blazer on. The blazer also covers up the bare shoulders, making it church appropriate. You wanna keep it bright and colorful as much as possible because these color exude happiness and festivity for such an occasion!
Professional Easter wearAnother ensemble for Easter with a professional feel to it and subtle print mixing ( see leopard print belt and floral skirt). It’s also keeping with the ongoing peplum trend!
Easter Sunday

The old-school church look with a modern twist.. see ankle strap shoes and choker gold necklace. I actually have a hat just like that!

Stripes and flowers

I am undecided on which shoes to pair this with. Which would you choose? This is yet another print-mixing for the exceptionally daring fashionist!

Trendy VS Conservative Church wear

The suit is a staple church outfit. You can never go wrong with it. If your trying to go for that regal first-lady style here you go. Which are you? Do you like conservative, minimalist approach to dressing your suit or you like to make it your own?


Affordable places to find dresses and suits:
JC Penny
TJ Maxx
Forever 21
Thrift stores!!  
Happy Easter, God bless you all
Stylish Sana


Stylish Sana

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