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When life gives you lemons, do the Master Cleanse

Good Friday folks!

I have gotten a bit slouchy and out of shape since moving back home. It’s all due to unlimited access to food, change of environment and lack of exercise and a little stress! WHEW!!

After getting on the scale and seeing how much pounds I have gained, I was shocked! I sure didn’t feel like I weighted that much or looked it, it truly sneaked up on me, I swear! Needless to say, I had to take an extreme measure,I  decided to try the Master Cleanse.

courtesy of: www.thegrommom.com
courtesy of: www.thegrommom.com

I heard about it original when Beyonce Knowles brought light to it by shedding 20 pounds for the movie Dream Girls. Mind you, I never thought I was ever going to do it. However, I researched obsessively in the past and was intrigued by it for years so it was the first thing that popped in my mind when I said to myself I have to lose weight fast and I have to get back to better eating habits — mainly portion control. Not that I am much of an unhealthy eater. I just don’t eat enough veggies and fruits. I hardly eat fast-food, junk food or unhealthy snacks. Actually, I love cooking and I cook 4 times a week. I just want to get to a ratio of my total meals being 60% vegetables and fruits and 40% meat/other. In short, a more balanced meal!

courtesy of: paleoonmain.blogspot.com

The food culture we grew up with plays a huge role in our eating habit. We have to change  these habits if it weren’t healthy, and as you know habits aren’t easy to change. As an African growing up, meat is an essential part of the meal and most definitely the focus; If there ain’t meat, it’s not even considered an edible meal! It feels like suffering (lol). Meat is glorified while veggies are hugely misrepresented or when cooked it would be SEVERELY cooked and ,of course, with lots of meat in it. I rarely ate raw vegetables, most dishes were cooked. I am from South Sudan and bread is an integral part of our meal, more than rice I’d say! Traditionally, we eat in a a huge tray (see below)

The middle dish is one of my favorite made of Garbanzo beans, feta cheese,chopped tomatoes, onions and such, it’s called foul. I see roasted lamb or beef on the left that’s called Sheiya, another favorite dish I see is Bamiya: made of okra with a choice of either beef, lamb or goat meat in it.


courtesy of bitalsudan2010.blogspot.com
courtesy of bitalsudan2010.blogspot.com

I am getting older, I know most will say 25 years,  ehn…  your still young darling. However, habits are hard to change and it takes time to cultivate new ones. I want to be a healthy woman in all areas of my life. I want to be a healthy mother in the future most importantly and it starts with me. So am going to start now so I can have this “thang” down-packed when the babies come around … besides who doesn’t want to look good outside and feel extra good inside?!?

Click here to learn more about the details of the Master Cleanse. I don’t wanna bore you with the details.

In short, for a minimum of 10 days all you drink is a concoction made of natural squeezed organic lemons, organic grade B syrup, cayenne pepper all mixed in water. You can also drink regular water. Anytime you feel hungry you drink this lemonade juice and that’s it for 10 days!!



To maximize my results I didn’t just drink and slouch around. I did cardio exercise in the morning before work. During my work 15 min breaks I did power walks and after work I went jogging. It’s a misunderstanding that one will be starved, your not going to be, it’s mental … the drink is just less calories, it’s not like your not taking in anything at all.

This is my least favorite part of it all: the salt water flush, EEwww!!! Two teaspoons of sea salt and 1 quart of lukewarm water. First day after drinking this, I practically went in on my pants. You will release a lot of process food toxins and feel you stomach getting cleaned cause the bathroom will be your friend! Just warning ya!


I hardly/ rarely felt  extremely starving-type-of-hunger, just regular hunger and I would drink up and be fine. It is all mental. You start to miss and visualize food constantly. It’s quite interesting; you miss the idea of eating. You yearn for texture in your mouth and the experience of chewing something but your cravings are eliminated, which is another thing I wanted as I have the baddest sweet tooth ever!! It cut out the desire for sugar!

Being away from food that long disciplines you to realize we don’t live to eat, we eat to live. Must you eat any and every tantalizing, mouth-drooling goodness you see or placed before you?!? Not necessarily but we all do it sometimes, others do it more than they should ( They know this) and that’s when it’s problemo!

This diet reinforces we should eat to be satisfied and to fuel our body not to get full or consume all that’s before us. See, the lemon juice satisfies me, it takes away the hunger, so I should be fine right? However, emotional eating or comfort eating mannerism makes one thinks but no I need to have this much chicken or this Mexican entree … all I did was drink the mixture and hunger exited, I should be able to stop wanting food, afterall, I have answered the calling of my stomach – drop the spoon, walk away!

Courtesy of myplatters.blogspot.com
Courtesy of myplatters.blogspot.com

I am on day 7 out of 10 and it hasn’t been a breeze honey. It has been one of the most challenging things I have done psychologically.  I made it a spiritual cleanse as well and used this time to meditate on God and read the bible, that helped a bit. My mother started with me and dropped on the third day due to her own health conditions and the doctor told her to get off. You have to listen to your body during this cleanse. I have lost 10 pounds and it’s the 7th day!

Day 5 I was nuts, I missed food so bad I would Google pictures of food and stare at it or recipes I could cook if I could eat! I would stalk my co-workers lunches, taking in all the aroma when they start microwaving their lunches–imagining am eating it. Also, weird enough, I cooked for my mom and my guy and it helped me to keep going. Something about having the visual and direct smell of the food and knowing I can’t quit when am this close motivated me … weird huh?  Three more days and am done!!!


P.S Shout out to my guy, he was the biggest cheerleader! Definitely get a person to keep you going!

I like challenging myself with such mini projects. I have a skin-care project I’d like to do next also consisting of lemons. I will review it for yall too. Oh speaking of skin, drinking these concoction has left my skin soft and clear!

Also when I get off this detox in 3 days I will be doing 2 weeks of raw food eating for transition. You cannot just jump into a “hungry-man” type dish filled with steak, potatoes, chicken and what-not. Personally, it’s not advisable to go back to your eating ways right away,  that’s why I say don’t do this if you simply want to lose weight. Do it if you also want to transform your overall eating habits.

courtesy of http://www.rawmazing.com
courtesy of http://www.rawmazing.com
Raw food will allow me to explore the various greens out there that I have always wondered about. Also I can try fruits I never ever ate like boysenberries, custard apple etc…!! Am excited. I will be sharing recipes and pictures as well if you want to incorporate some in your meals!!

Ask away if you have any questions about this, now am off to make another glass –honesty getting tired of the taste!! Variety is the flavor of life! I have never appreciated this as much as now!

Happy Friday Loves, enjoy your weekend and eat a good, healthy, yummy meal …go for seconds on my behalf 😉

Stylish Sana **missing ANY food!!!**

Stylish Sana

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