12 Apr

Weekend plans

Hey yall! Happy Friday! We made it, lol. So, what’s going down? What do you have planned for your weekend?  Are you just going with the flow? Staying indoor? Any parties …. studying? What’s up?

Here are my plans:

Right after work am going to get some pampering! It has been wayyyy over-do! My nails are an embarrassment to someone who has a fashion blog **shhhh please don’t tell**.

Pamper Friday

I am definitely getting a bright color ; just undecided on which color and am not sure if I want something funky or simple.

Getting my nails "did"


When I go to get my nails done I like to looks as feminine as I can – it’s a womanly activity after all,  go figure!   I also like to be comfortable: cute-comfy!

Typically, I  go for maxi skirts or dresses. I  pair it with lots of arm-candy and jewelry. Another option is a very floral shirt with jeans ( shorts or pants). I finish the look(s) with wedges or sandals.

Sitting there as they are working on my nails my favorite things to do are: skim through fashion magazines, browse social sites, read a good book ( specially how-to books and advising books) or listen to music and “people-watch”. It’s so much fun eavesdropping on people’s conversation … of course this is all when I go alone.

Today am going with a friend who I knew since 6th grade. I haven’t seen her since high school! She just moved back here from Washington D.C after getting her degree and struggling with the market as most of us have been. So, it’ll be a blast catching up and reminiscing the good ol’ days!

Check out  ” He ‘nailed it'” for more nail-polish related stories. 


Rest of the weekend

  • Gonna surprise my boo-thang after my nail appointment. Am taking him to a drive-in ( I hope he doesn’t read this)  I am wanting to watch two movies, which is how you get more for your  money’s worth in a drive-in! I want us to watch Evil Dead and The Call – both are scary and thriller filled! I love thriller!! I hope he agrees to watch these** We  enjoy totally different genres, we’ll see. 


  • Saturday morning I plan to take my car for service and I am going to make a home-made facial for my skin. I have flirted with that idea for a while. Time to do it! I also have a hair appointment, touch up on my perm, the growth is very much there!  I am sure you saw in the pictures … it’s all coo….


  • As you know am on my raw-food diet ( doing it for two weeks). So far,  I love it! Generally am quiet an omnivore eater. I like to have veggies with most of my meals so am delighted at experimenting with produce I never used. I don’t “miss” meat or cooked food yet.  I’ll spend this weekend chopping lots of veggies and am making  Mexican drink Horchata from scratch and Cashew milk!! Stay tuned for a post about that and pictures of the dishes I made. 


  • Lastly, am brainstorming for a give-way. It’s about that time I give away something as a way to thank those who stop by and read my thoughts and what-not. I appreciate yall so much!!



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Picture courtesy ofhttp://www.eatrunread.com/



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