15 Apr

2013 MTV Movie Awards

Another award ceremony, another chance to pick my favorite looks:

P.S if you’re in Boston, I hope your safe! I just got news of some explosion at the end of a marathon. May God protect y’all!


I lovveee the white suit look!! So chic! The shoe is a nice funky finish!


Great ensemble!


This is the best I have seen Kimmy look as a prego. Thank God she’s taking a break from all the tight clothing!


Not completely fond of the different shade of white but I like the idea she was going for.


Cute earrings, but not the right shoes if you ask me. It makes her feet look flat, something slender and tall would have been a better fit for such a scattered dress.


This is very cute but Kerry always lands it!!However, for some reason I am wishing for a necklace 🙁

There weren’t that many great looks but these are good! Which was yours?



Mixup Fixup


Stylish Sana

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