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Hello beautiful faces, it’s Wednesday!!

I hope your week is shaping up well!

My prayers and thoughts are with Boston. It is tragic and unacceptable for such things to happen, I am deeply sad for those who lost their loved ones – especially the 8-year-old boy! So young, too early!!

This post, as properly titled, will cover: workout gear and stuff of that nature.

Raise of hands if you have huge melon size boobs and struggle to strap those babies down when working out ** ME!!!** This is such a frustration! First of all they make ugly, grandma straps for us heavy chested sisters on regular bras as if we don’t have romantic escapades in which Victoria’s Secret needs to be revealed! And then when we actually need support -a great workout bra- they leave us hanging!! **really** #bigboobgirlproblems


Anyhow, if you’re equally “blessed” and have a recommendation of a great sports bra, let me know. At this rate I stay wearing two so I can complete my workouts and not worry about squeezing them in every so often or running out of breath cause they are being slapped against my chest! TMI ( Too Much Info)? Well, that’s just my truth.


On to other things that ALL can relate to: running shoes. I have run now for a month consistently and I am enjoying it more and more except I need a shoes with more support. I looked online at Amazon, saw some good stuff but after reading reviews I feel lost. Literally the best and worst things are said about the same darn shoes, am like ummm so is it good?!?! I trust word of mouth from reliable folks, so do share what shoes you use or you hear is great for running and working out. Meanwhile, I am gonna go try some pairs in person just to get a feel for it…


Food talk

I don’t know if you recall after my Master Cleanse, I said I would do a raw food diet? Well, am definitely a woman of my words and today marks a week of raw eating!! ** yes, you may clap** thank you darlings!! I didn’t start right away as I planned. Actually the upcoming weekend after I completed The Master Cleanse my church was having a BBQ so I decided to “carefully” indulge as I just got off from not eating anything for 12 days but liquid! I allowed myself a break to eat ( of course more consciously) other meals before starting the raw so it’s not too much diets back to back.

Click here and here to read about my Master Cleanse journey.

The raw is NOTHING – I really mean NOTHING- close to the master cleanse as you can imagine! At least am eating, there’s texture and variety except not anything that requires heat, that’s why it’s raw. I have experimented ,as I said I would, and I have tried a couple of veggies I never ate before. Fruits, I haven’t tried anything too unique yet. I still have one more week, I may sneak something in!

Below are excerpts of some of the meals I have prepared and happily ate!

Ask for recipes if you need it ūüôā

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Lessons I am learning

¬†Going through this health journey I realize it is so crucial to plan and prioritize! If you wanna succeed in pretty much anything you have to plan, plan, plan … how does that saying go? “Failing to plan is planning to fail” Yeap, ¬†it’s quiet literal but true.

I switch from my cute shoes at work to my tennis shoes and power walk or jog on my breaks.  After work, I  immediately go to the bathroom and change into my work-out gear, on the way home I pull over to a park.

I have been running 4-5 days a week for about 30-45 minutes. I also do  drills and warm-up for a complete workout of  1 hr and 30 min .

Prepared for the day!

I plan my meals days or a week ahead. I have this calender plan ( see¬†below) I had used it previously so I decided to I re-implement it. ¬†It’s simple table I created, it helps me¬†monitor¬†what I have eaten. It’s on my fridge so am not¬†aimlessly¬†looking for something to eat and behold I go eating things I shouldn’t be eating too much of! It’s a plan, a guide!¬†Certainly¬†there are unhealthy food that are yummy and simply the flavor of ¬†life – I don’t wanna miss out. So, do allow yourself ¬†one cheat day. It can be the whole day if you want or two meals in that day, whatever you want. On this day you¬†eat¬†your heart’s desire! See it as a reward for taking care – keeping clean your temple ( body) all week long. ¬†It also prevents you from¬†completly¬†¬†going nuts on those food which you have¬†completely¬†deprived yourself from.

meal chart calender

A sweet reader wanted to see a sample of my filled chart. I typical print these and write it in but here I typed one .

meal chart

Although there are three slots for snacks, and I prepare for all of them I don’t always eat three snacks, especially the after dinner one. Snacks are to have something ready to “snack” on should you be¬†hungry¬†or feeling the munchies after or before your meals. This way your not eating nonsense, empty carbs unless you prepared it as a snack ūüėČ ¬†Also record and¬†monitor¬†how much workout you do. The time you sleep has a lot to do with weight¬†management so record that too¬†and finally watch the amount of water you drink!

Be sure to keep an eye on the servings – your¬†eating six times a day with this chart! A rule of thumb, your servings ¬†shouldn’t be that much larger than¬†your¬†fist.¬†

I am not a physician nor am I trying to post as one but this helps me regulate my eating. If your try my chart, let me now how it works for ya! 

Money $, Health and Politics 

I will be featuring a post written by someone else on these topics! The politics of food is amazing to me!  It feels like discovering something forbidden! While I have emptied my pocket a lot to eat healthy as of lately, it has been a clear realization year ago that eating healthy is not only time consuming but exceptionally  expensive! I remind my self that I am  investing  money now on  health or I can invest more later on medical bills in old age!

If you look at the most healthiest¬†people¬†they are typically part of the wealthy or educated bracket. ¬†Fruits and veggies erode faster in comparison to frozen box dinners or frozen meats ; therefor it requires constant purchasing¬†and a fast food … well it’s eaten fast.If you go to poor¬†communities¬†you see the majority of ¬†liquor stores and fast foods there, you ask why? Well, there’s so much politics behind this to cover all of it here. Look out for that future post. ¬†For now: a quick tip to reduce cost of organic, produce go to farmer’s markets, they are much cheaper there.

Grocery shopping

Quick update:

From ¬†the cleanse I lost 17 pounds, it has been about two weeks and I have kept 11 pounds off! Of course not eating you’re gonna loose weight but now that am eating, albeit raw, I have kept off 11 pounds and working on losing more.

P.S Those¬†delicious¬†shoes that make my legs look “sexy” as my babe says are my newest toys!!

More about it and where to order it on the next post!


Mixup, Fixup and pursue health!

–Stylish Sana

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