18 Apr

Loving my enemy…

‘ You have heard that it was said,
“Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.”
But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.’
– Matthew 5:43-44

Forgiving ain’t ever easy, but it has always brought me the most inner peace! It really is more for your own sake than for whomever you’re allowing to make home in your soul in the name of bitterness, betrayal or hurt. Let go, let God! Someone , from my past, who did me  utterly wrong, finally reached out to me last week – a year later! After talking with them for a few minutes ( mind you, not even about an apology really) I ,strangely, realized I  had forgiven them! It wasn’t easy and quick either ( oh Please trust me!!!), it was a choice and it took a lot of mental, spiritual work and months (time) –  the hurt and betrayal they dealt me was insidious and calculating!

I didn’t nearly act as I planned to act. I had prepared for the day they will contact me, if ever or if I’ll run into them. I outlined my speech, selected the perfect curse words to rip their heart and knife their soul with; rehearsed the major points I needed to make and  re-played my exit approach endlessly: to hang-up on their face or to finish with a strong statement that will echo in their head – hopefully, forever… Instead, peace and calmness took over me days after they contacted me, I choose forgiveness.

“Forgiveness … is the finishing of old business
that allows us to experience the present,
free of contamination from the past.”
– Joan Borysenko

Outfit post

Outfit post

Outfit post

what was the hardest forgiveness you’ve had to make?  let me just say, forgiving doesn’t have to mean you go and  verbally  tell the person, ” I forgive you” or that they even know it! ( You’ll be surprised at the defense taken to your being “the bigger person” approach) At times there’s a need for verbalizing it, especially if it’s a relationship that you want to continue, but sometimes it’s just you letting them go mentally and spiritually  so you can have peace. God knows, between you and him.  To the person who inflicted you,  forgiving doesn’t need to translate: we can be friends now or ever necessarily. It all depends…

Outfit post

Outfit post

Outfit post


I got my nails done as I said here I would. Like it?

outfit post

Outfit post

Outfit Details

Shirt………………………………. Charlotte Russe

Pants………………………….. (old) Forever21

Shoes ……..(Here)Urbanog.com ( My newest toys!! They are kitty heels)

Jewelry……………………………………………….Different places

The necklace is layered; chain is from Michael’s,  the peace circle one is from my guy.  


Mixup Fixup and Forgive


Stylish Sana

Stylish Sana

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