30 Apr

“Are you half-way stressed?”

I hit the week: Monday, straight into a conference for my work. After such an exhausting weekend, I wasn’t up for it but hey gotta work if you’re gonna eat so….


Yes, it was a Real Estate conference *borrrriiinnngg**.  No?

The place was packed with middle-age, rich-looking white males – some looked in their twenties. They wore the usual dark-colored suits … if I see another black suit after this, hmm…. It’s such a male dominated field, I can easily count the women there! I imagine this can be intimidating – already being the only black person was a palm-sweating experience so I had two things going for me; black and woman, whew!

Our company hosted the conference,  I was ensuring things were going well, folks knew when and where each workshop was and they were filling our evaluation forms. Easy? Right? Yeap….

Anywhuuu, first day I wore black too to fit in – to be honest I was running late and undecided on what to wear too. Black is always safe!  I started thinking, why am I worried about looking ” normal ?!?  The truth is there ain’t no fitting in with my crazy hair style and nose ring ( these pictures were after the conference. I took my nose-ring off). The second day I wore bright colors as I pleased!! I dared to stand out! lol

hair cut

pointy shoes

These are the pointy-toe shoes I almost wore Sunday. While I was on the hunt for the blue dress I thrift-ed them! It was a great find for a mere $8.00


P.S the title of this post came about due to some random guy at the conference who walked up to me, pointed at my shaved hair side and asked, ” Are you half -way stressed?” lol I gave him props for trying to be humorous.  You know some folks are uptight and would have gone off on him. lol Surprisingly, I didn’t get as many stairs as I expected. Also I counted 3 other women with nose piercing! Cool, cool….


–Stylish Sana

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