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Opinion & Thoughts: Celebrate her!

Take a deep breath, PUSH … push, Puuussshhhh!! You’re almost there, take another deep breath! JUST. ONE. LAST. PUSH **baby crying hysterically** … someone had to do this for all of us to come to exist. They didn’t only push, but they rented out the center of their being – their womb! They gave us a place to grow, a place to eat, a place to be created.

I know it takes two to tango to create a being, but after the dance is long over the mom continuous to the after-party if I may say – and this ain’t the most glamorous after-party mind you. No doubt she is showered with congrats, compliments of ” your glowing” and such, but in the end she has a huge task awaiting her at the end of the 9 months.

As you know, Mothers’ day is this Sunday (In United States, not to scare readers from other parts). Certainly, we should be kind, respectful, obedient and celebrate our moms year-long but we all fall short and that’s okay – your human ( prone to err, right?) So there’s this particular day to pamper and celebrate that one woman ( fill in the name) that one who practically gave you a ticket to experience life.

My mother has taught me a lot, in particula, she has defined my understanding of what a mother is. My biological mother passed when I was only months old. I never got to know her. I also never felt like I didn’t have a mom because my step-mom , which I hardly ever refer to as such has been there with me and for me even before I developed cognitive memory. She is all I have known.

I firmly believe,  having lost a mom as a child, it takes more than labor/giving birth to be a mom. Don’t get me wrong, it is the toughest and most honorable job one can do ( one day I’ll be employed in that position and I’ll know, lol). However, the act itself is not the complete guarantee of “motherhood”. The act is the begin of a life-time journey. Someone once said, choosing to be a parent is a ” life sentence”.

While my biological mother gave birth to me and unwillingly was robbed of motherhood due to illness and subsequently death, she sadly didn’t get to exercise motherhood. She began a journey of creation which my stepmother helped her in completing and continuing to do so. My mom had to train, teach, discipline, and prepare me to be an able adult and a note-worthy participant to the world. I am not sure that I can say raising a child is harder than giving birth, but I’ll say the latter takes commitment, patience and it’s a forever relationship.

I thank the one who birthed me (RIP always, I love you) and I thank and celebrate the one who raised me ( I love and cherish you)

p.s Shout out to the newest mom in my life (my sister) for giving birth to my precious nephew!! Happy Mother’s day sis. I love you and Luk always.

Tips and ideas for celebrating her:

** Pamper her with a trip to the nail shop ( please get the woman the whole experience! Toes, fingers and eyebrows if she wants.)



** Take her to branch/Lunch to her favorite restaurant ( If you have other siblings recruit everyone so it’s lively. Mothers love having all their cubs in one place!)

Mothers' Day

** Take her shopping! They give  us so much and they always watch out  for us – making sure we look decent. See if she needs a new purse, another shoes, suit, etc…

** Load her pamper supply of  lotions, perfumes


Mothers' day

** Send her Flowers. Proflowers and 1800-Flowers are services I have used before. They will surprise deliver them to her and she’ll feel special among her co-workers or wherever. Granted it’ll be more expensive being that we are close to the day, but if you have the money, splurge for your mother! (save the link and send flowers to a friend or girlfriend just because also 🙂

Mothers Day

These were the general go-to options. Of course you know your mom best and you can tailor some of these or do your own thing.  If your mom loves fish maybe you take her fishing or something. If she’s big on cleaning, well wake up early and get mopping and dusting and prepare her a nice breakfast!



Mixup, Fixup & celebrate her

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