13 May

Alligator meat, ombre hair … my weekend

ombre, hair color

Hello friends, welcome to a new week! Awesome things are going to happen this week – I declare and believe it! and I, of course, will WORK towards it! How about you? Let’s go! Before that, let me share my weekend with you. Friday was mellow, I stayed indoor and decided to be spontaneous after finding left-over color from when I colored my natural hair,  I colored my weave!  It was my first time using bleach, it was fairly easy! ( If you want to know the products I used and step by step, email me : stylishsana@mixupfixup.com) My guy liked the bleach look so much I didn’t get to put the reddish brown I initially planned on. I went for that ombre look, I did spill some on my shirt though, sucks!!

ombre styling

  Saturday, I was at choir practice as usual and I hung out with my mom and sis as it was Mothers’ Day weekend. Sunday after church I went to a local festival. I love festival, fairs, flee market sorta things. All you need is good company, my honey-bunches-of oats (lol) was with me and his little sister!

Besides the food and good music, many times I find unique jewelry at these events! This time around I didn’t buy anything , although I saw a beautiful necklace and took a business card, we  just went to eat and have a good time. The name of the fair is “Gator by the Bay“. It’s the 12th year celebration!  They had  zydeco blues music, lot of crawfish and even alligator meat! My guy loves music, he plays the guitar and the piano – so he had a blast jamming!

alligator meat

Funny, for it being a visually hideous creature, the alligator meat was so delicious! I know many people say this but it really did taste like the most delicious chicken!!

gator by the bay crowd

nuts, dried fruits

beer and chicken

This jerk Jamican chicken was bomb!!

Shorts, boho look, fair style

jerk chicken



close upMystery man

fair, festival, gator by the bay

festival crowd




beed frog, lizard

beeded jewelry

These were so regal, and goddess like, I just wasn’t prepared to purchase it, I soo would have!! I took the business card and a certain percentage of the money benefits those in need!

Ice cream

His little sister said she was dreaming of this cambo for a while! LOL

His little sister said she was dreaming of this cambo for a while! LOL, kids!


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