24 May

Cheers to a three-day weekend!

Hey! hello!! hey! helloooo!!…Why the back and forth you say? Uumm cause am chirpy and bubbly at the moment!  It’s not only the weekend but it’s a freaking three-day weekend!!  **cue to Song ** cheers to the freaking weekend, I’ll drink to that yayyyeee…”

Swim Suit

I am off to a small island around this parts : Catalina Island .It’s just off the Southern California Coast where I live. So it’s a “Stay-cation” – What I refer to trips/get-aways that are away but still within your area/state. One of my Bffs is celebrating her birthday, she came up with this grand idea! It’s like a girl’s get-away!

A lot is planned; from zip lining, para-sailing, to sight seeing. I, personally,  just wanna lounge, be lazy and one with the ocean. I packed three bathing g suits, but a sister ain’t feeling all that hot and sexy so we’ll see if my tummy will see the day-light!

Above is one of the suits and below is another ensemble consisting of a black  , very soft, maxi!  I’ll wear the same red bottom from above and I have a leopard print one piece – YOU KNOW IT!! I  Love me some Leopard print!

swim suit

I haven’t had a chance to take pictures of OTDs ( Outfit of the Day) and give styling tips, my guy was finishing finals and was busy but now he’s done with this semester  ( Yippy!) so we’ll get this PARTY STARTED buddy!

If you miss my full length me  (lol), here’s pictures from visiting a friend at her grad event and random pictures from my Instagram.

With friends

L to R: Ndid, the graduate, me, Cynthia, Dede ( Bff), me again

dinner menu

Meet up spontaneously with a good friend from middle school and high school for dinner at Apple Bees. She just moved back in town!


Some monochrome and expression 🙂

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your 3-day weekend. For my friends who are not having a 3-day, still enjoy 🙂


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  1. Freeman Makua Uzoagu

    I hope you are having lots and lots of fun at your 3days getaway at Catalina island? I know I would 😀


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