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Outfit Transition: College to career.

I was talking to my college bestie about life post college and the struggle!! lol. We ended up talking about my blog as well. She brought up a great post-idea, how to transition some of your pieces from when you were a student to a career-style post college look. I though it would be a great post since it’s graduation season too!

I think in every stage of life your style should evolve and one should be flexible to adapt – of course all the while still maintaining personal taste.  I am sure if you look at what you used to wear in high school to college you see some difference. The same goes for entering the career sphere.  And it will also adopt again for those choosing to be a “wifey” and a mother.

Below are some of my tips, so you don’t have to necessarily purchase a whole wardrobe – perhaps a few must-have pieces.

First Look  

( Most college student have a basic jeans and T-shirt)

Back to basics


Accessorize basic jeans and T-shirt with basic pieces

Post college, it’s important to have at least two solid colored blazers. You can throw it on top of anything! If you want a patterned one, like this monochrome one, keep it simple and stick to darker colors, depending on where you work. Also thrift stores are a blazer hub! Go there! Add simple accessories for sophistication and it shows you pay attention to details. Finish with comfy shoes!

Basic T-Shirt for a button dressy shirt

Try this look if your NOT into accessorizing. Since the accessories adds a sophistication and your opting out, switch it for a button up dress shirt (You may have to purchase that, Target, Ross has them always)). Add  a watch, even though watches are like from dinosaur era! It just exudes your about “business’. Don’ stress yourself with a working watch even, just get any at a thrift store. It’s simply functioning as an accessory, use your cell-phone to tell time as we already do.

P.S depending on your work’s dressing code, you may opt for a darker wash jeans. 

Second  Look 

(Those summer days going to class, grabbing a floral, soft, easy flowing dress or maxi was the thing to-do!)

Dress up floral for work

Panty hose aren’t only for church, mama knows what she was saying! They are such a classic around-the -office -look that date way back when. Invest in an opaque black tights and a sheer ones that matches your skin tone ( I always get mine, of all places, at Walgreens– especially when am in a hurry!) They give an illusion of length, roll it under a short dress or skirt and suddenly it  looks longer!  Skinny belts, with details or not, help break and define any busy pattern, see the difference?. Get a cardigan, if you don’t have one. It’s a great throw-on in exchange of a blazer for less hotter days or a cover-up if your top is a bit revealing. A working bag of sort is a must! Check out Ross, they ALWAYS have them!

Third Look 

( You know we are the wear-maxi to class generation, am sure you have/had one, see how to  turn it into an office outfit)Monochrome Maxi


Maxi professional

Please do not use a vibrant, multicolored, heavily printed maxi for this style. Instead use dark to medium solid colors ( i.e black, gray, navy blue, navy green, dark purple…) , if you a choose print, a simple monochromatic black and white, like this one,  will do. Wear a sheer tank top ( Once again light or dark colors such as creme, white, or black) on top of the maxi – turning it into a maxi skirt – and throw on a dark blazer. This is a chance to rock your clubbing, platform shoes  ( remember those from college clubbing days?!) to work because it’ll be hidden under the maxi but will allow the height you need so you don’t drag the dress. It’s okay to wear a pop of lip color if you outfit is somber. Try the red lips with hair pulled up or sleeked back! Hoop earrings, so long as they can’t fit into your wrist like bangles … meaning their are too huge, should be fine to transcend over to work.

Fourth Look 

(Tank tops and shorts anyone? I rarely wore this look to class but my some of my colleagues did. Can I re-create it for a career look? Hmmmm….)

Relaxed lacy day wear


Tank top as vest

This is pretty self explanatory. Turn your spaghetti strap tank top into a vest and throw it on top of collar shirts for  professional layering and classic looks. Shoes, invest in flats that look mature, like pointy ones, oval,  or ones with details like a classic bow, stay away from super round shaped flats, they make your feet look short and your outfit look younger. Invest on block heels for more support and some kitty heels, this way you enjoy your inch longer and more often on your off days

Career Dress Rules

Work jewelry
  • When it comes to Jewelry less is more. You do not have to wear earrings, necklace, rings, and bracelets/bangles with one ensemble. Your doing the most!! Keep it simple. The most you should have is two , if your rocking three pieces they better not all be loud and garish.
  • Makeup , less is more as well. Please do not dive into your makeup pallet. First off it is a general stereotype that women who load up on makeup are insecure. In a work place, where competition is thriving you don’t want to seem insecure even if your not – let’s say you just love makeup. Show your confidence and comfort in your skin by going light. Sure,  smear bright lips once in a while but don’t also add fake lashes and pile blush on!
  • Clothing: watch out for materials that accentuate your figure too much or the ones that give ya cleavage and such . You do not want to be that one girl everyone talks about behind her back cause she’s dressed to use her sexuality. Now I understand if your SUPER valuptouse and struggle with that cause I do too! At times am like the hell with a cleavage, it never killed anyone! lol
  • Shoes, you have a little room for creativity and fun here ( just like graduation day, it was the only way to stand out as we are all wearing the same gown)  If the rest of your outfit is professionally on point, you make rock some of your favorites but be sure your comfortable and safe and they don’t look like a prostitute lend it to ya!


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Enjoy your weekend!

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