31 May

So-love Solange

Before, I rarely recognized or thought of Solange ( Singer, Songwriter, DJ) and  Beyoncé’s baby-sis. It wasn’t until she revitalized and re-worked her whole look – not that her former look was bad or anything, it was just plain and regular I guess, then I started seeing her more. I am not sure when exactly she became a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world, but I like this new Solange! She started sticking out like a sore thumb everywhere ; living us at awe with her aesthetic creations! Her style is a mixture of retro inspiration, bold prints, quirky, edgy jewelry/accessories and shoes and vibrant colors!

It seems the African print and print in general fever has bite the woman!! Plus she’s  been hanging out with many African stylist like oroma elewa and frequenting Europe – which is a much more diverse scene .

“I definitely gravitate toward prints and color. I love to play with prints on prints, but I try to have a good instinct about what to match. Like, if I have a Pendleton print, mixing that with a tribal African print will give off National Geographic-gone-bad vibes. So if I wear an ethnic print, I contrast it with a bright top, or maybe stripes,” Knowles told the NYT.com. “Yellow is my absolute favorite color to wear. I also love hot pink. When I match my prints with those colors, I feel it’s a “me” outfit.”

You know I love me some prints and bright colors!! It’s no wonder she’s one of my favorite dressed celebs, whether she’s on a carpet event or going about her day, you almost always catch her nailing it! I love the Afrocentrism feel with her hair styles also. Personally, it suits her more than weaves! To me, she’s the queen of mixing prints! I love prints but I had never been brave enough to mix them up, scared of looking like a hot-mess. Solange’s dare-to approach to mixing has been inspirational !

On the top of her fashion inspiration is  Diana Ross and her mother. “Seeing photos of my mother from the ’60s and ’70s, she was a total rebel with her style”

Ferragamo Fifth Avenue Flagship Re-Opening Party e6b72d0ea4e3a88b_Solange-Knowles-floral-dress.xxxlarge_1 the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards original Solange+Knowles+Solange+Knowles+Leaves+GMTV+TPbbxit-ML-x SOLANGE-KNOWLES solange-knowles04121101 solange-knowles-denim-shorts-turban solange-knowles-djing solange-knowles-hairstyle-620kb011311 solange-knowles-street-style-530x792 solange-knowles-style-portrait-2a tribal-trend-solange-knowles

solange-knowles-rope-jacket-fashion-week-04 Solange-Knowles-2012-Angel-Ball-in-New-York-1 solange knowles 250611

I ran into an old Vogue ” Today I’m Wearing” featuring Solange and I was impressed to hear her voice in her own writing. Gosh the girl is also quirky, articulate and just all around like someone I would like if I were to meet – So-love Solange!

Check out what she’s wearing everyday of the month from an old issue of Vogue’s ” Today I’m Wearing” February 2012


A quote from Solange that I firmly concur with , “fashion is an extension of art”.

This weekend create your canvass, enjoy the art!!

My favorite songsby Solange:

Happy Weekend


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