10 Jun


While minding my business on the web, I came across these looks in the last month.

I really liked them, so I decided to share them with ya!


I am typically not moved by her style that much, but as of lately she has become very creative! I love that lipstick color on her!

And the movie-date outfit ( see below) with her hubby is so simple yet eye-catching – now that’s the way to rock a monochrome!



OH MY GOODNESS!! Where has she been getting inspiration from these days?? She’s really creating wonderful styles!

To me her style used to be so much glitter and diva-ish, now these I like!  Should we say it has anything to do with Solange? or it’s time to give big sister her own credit for her looks? hmmm…

P.S Nice abs, let’s put second-baby rumors to rest shall we?



Where has Garcelle Beauvais been? Right now it doesn’t matter really… she came back looking darn good, not that she needed any improvements!I like the all-white ensemble with pop-of-color at the foot – it’s like pleasant surprise!!



White is definitely on it’s way to being the summer color for this year. If you want to be in on a trend,  which you don’t ever have to be, don’t buy into any pressure but should you be interested: stack up on your bleach so the white  stays popping! lol

Rihannah hardly fails in styling, once again my opinion. What do you think of this number she put together?  Creative? Right?



Nichole Richie looked so glamorous at the CFDA Fashion Awards 2013 Red Carpet. With such a shiny fabric, it is wise to keep all else simple just like she did. She looks so fresh and feminine in this  super low open-back number!



My favorite Kardishan rocking nautical style with a fancy twist ( See shoes!) Simple white and red stripes never looked so chic!



Rita Ora reminds us all black can never go wrong in putting together this simple get-up! As always when you wear all-any dark color, adding a pop color is always a nice finish if you want color. She chose red lips and bag.

Will you be rocking all one color ( monochrome)  soon?



My personal update

 I know I disappeared for a second this past week, lol

Nothing major took place, I just wanted to come back with a photo-shoot. Since that couldn’t be arranged  due to scheduling I  didn’t want to just make a post just to make a post. I want it to be something of quality and genuinely something I want to write about or share with you. It’s so easy to get caught up in quantity in this blog business. I am trying to re-focus my mind and do quality posts and not feel guilty that someone will log on and see no new post(s) so I should just generate one to generate it – you know. I hope you see where am coming from if you’re one who’ve gotten frustrated to not see a post for a while. If you have suggestions, I always welcome those. Please go to Contact or  shoot me an email: Stylishsana@mixupfixup.com and let’s discuss! 

However, be assured I am full of ideas. I even have some already written, waiting on  que, just waiting for the right time or some photography to publish them.  Running out of creative ideas is the least of my problems, but quality is becoming more important.


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