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90s Baby

“The fact that fashion goes out of fashion and then comes back into fashion based solely on what a few people somewhere think they can sell, well to me, that’s insanity.― Randy PauschThe Last Lecture

You know my motto friends, “Mixup, Fixup” whatever your heart desires. You’ll go broke following someone else idea of what you should wear and when constantly. I have said before, I have a love-hate relationship with the idea of trends. While on one hand they may bring up a style, fabric I totally may have forgotten about, they sure as heck aren’t gonna tell  me ” I am out of season” or ” Not trending” , that’s always for me and you to decide (Don’t let my blog dictate that for you either, lol. Remember it’s my personal-public fashion diary) Pick what you choose and drop what you don’t care for. Do not buy into that ideas that corporate fashion world  should decided what’s in season for you my dear . DON’t! Fashion is individual and is personality at it’s truest form. Who are you when you are not speaking, how do you represent yourself through the art of dressing?

For now check out the most recent infusion of 90’s trends that has re-surged. 

Dungarees is back!
Crop Top madness
90s baby

Remember jacket or anything for that matter strategically wrapped around the waist? lol Awesome!

And grungy boots made it’s way into the early thousands. I never woret it, the Gothic kids did and my mom thought the style was too demonic looking. lol


90s accessories


skinny strap dresses style from 90s


90s darling!


I had a whole slide show of memories playing in my mind while creating this! TOO FUNNY! Do you remember these? If you do then your from my generation. I am sure I missed a few pieces here and there. These are the 90s trends that are coming back or I have been seeing a lot of, if you can still squeeze in your old stuff, lucky you. If not, hello thrift store!

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Some of my favorite Artists from that era.

I believe the leggings started preparing us for the return of the 90s trend. It’s like all of a sudden leggings were everywhere. I didn’t even know what I wore before they busted in the scene – that’s how much I wore them! Celebrities always start the trend and it’s because they are able to influence.  When Solange Knowles  decided to bring those box-braids, Poetic Justice, Brandy, Janet Jackson braids back and alter her style, it was like OH WHAT!! Yea we want that RIGHT NOW!!  WE WANT BRAIDS, BRAIDS, BRAIDS!!!Then Rihanna started looking like an artist from another era and that’s how  90s style was re-born – my theory (lol)

Riri and Solang are responsible, in a good way,  for this trend 🙂

Style tip: You can easily infuse small pieces of this 90s style in your modern day look for an edge and creativity without looking completely stuck in another time. If your not that strategic in infusing bits and pieces, some of them have been modernized for you, see Rihanna’s line with River Island here. 


Stylish Sana

Mixup, Fixup &  90s!

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