28 Jun

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Hi friends,  happy Friday

Long time, I know and you know I rather post more often, it’s just things are hectic right now

Anyhow, I have got some bomb deals this week -WOOT WOOT!!  Say: heyy!!, say hooo!!

First up, I have been obsessing over and wanting a deep, dark purple, wine shade  lipstick after seeing one at Mac cosmetics around Christmas last year. It was from the collaboration with  rapper Azealie Banks.  However, for me, I wasn’t willing to cash out that much for lipstick, especially since I purchase most of mine from beauty stores for less than $5.  I know am all about bargains and all, don’t get me wrong , once in a blue moon, buy one thing that’s of quality – that will last for a while, even if it’ll cost ya! For this post, it’s about getting the same result for cheaper, so…


Pictured above is Azealia Banks’ limited edition collaboration with MAC Cosmetics lipstick,  ( they no longer have it in store but you can find it online)  it’s called Yung Rapunxel after the rapper’s alto ego. I went in store, sampled it and I swear I heard the heaven gates open!! It was edgy, daring, and “where-did-you-get-that” type of look.  It is a nice match-up to vampire dark lips,  it’s semi-matte, deep plum shade, wine color look – it all depends on your personal skin shade too. As I said I didn’t wanna buy it for the price of – I think it was $15 –  which isn’t that bad but I had an inclination I can find it cheaper . I couldn’t get it out of my mind, so I have been hunting for something similar ever since like December!!  ( Hash tag: Fashion hustle) lol

As a substitute,  I mixed my black lipstick with a medium purple  to cure the craving, but I still was aching for the real deal!!

This here ( below) is what I found – look at the price!! I will take pictures with it soon and attach the link here – gotta love Amazon! I’ll try and see if I can actually find Yung Rapunxel for way cheaper on Amazon, we’ll see… so far folks have been posting it for $29-$44 – they know it’s in demand alright! The Wet n Wild Vamp It Up looks lighter in picture but it’s just as dark if you’re seeking that statement lip-color!


My Second deal is pants! Polka dot is just so classic and girly, when I saw these at Target online while browsing I was tempted but I was like it’s gonna get lower than that price, let me just stalk it and I sure did.


So, yesterday as I was following up with my stalking I realized they no longer had them online. I panicked just a bit (lol) not gonna lie. At times you follow an item and forget, come back and find out it went on sale and even out stock  is no longer available and that sucks. I saw there was an option to see  if it’s in-store in various locations. You know I called with a quickness. It was all out in my size with the closest Targets to me.  However 30 minutes away and another Target had it  for only $11.99. I was already heading that way to visit my aunt so you know I stopped by and grabbed this comfy, classic bottoms for that low price! ** I would have gone that far either way, that deal was too hard to ignore! Don’t judge me, keeping it real!

Shopping on bargain tips: Stalk your items!! Trust me, they do get reduced or end up on a discount rack. Ain’t nothing wrong with buying it when it’s “out of season”  or on a rack because it’s all about what you feel like wearing. DO YOU and work within your means! Lastly, if all else fails always, always – did I say always? Check on Amazon, Ebay or hunt down thrift stores! You’ll be surprised to discover them there or a do-able alternative.


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Have a blessed weekend my dear friends!

Thanks for stopping by!

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