29 Jul

Blue and some orange

Blue and orange“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” ― Coco Chanel

blue and orangeOrange and blueblue and orangeblue and orangeBlue and some orangeBlue and some orangeBlue and some orangeBlue and some orangeorange clutchBlue and some orange

Outfit Details ::Shirt dress, $10 dollar store :: Shoes, $10 dollar store :: Clutch, Arizona Airport :: Necklace, Thrift find.

Certainly a girl can be many other things besides being classy and fabulous – and especially for a total of $20 with this look, I sure as heck won’t mind “fabulousness”  at an affordable rate any day,  lol.

Take a breath “hardcore feminists” please don’t attack me in my concurring with that quote. I ain’t saying we should be objectified, I am just saying you can be both classy, fabulous and many any other things concurrently.  Can a sister get an amen?!? ** All together: AMEN!!** Thanks 🙂

Last week , someone from church asked me if I attended fashion school. They told me they are enamored by my fashion creations. I told them no I didn’t attend fashion school, it’s natural I guess.  It doesn’t take me days, or consume me despite how creative it may appear … It just happens, granted at times I put more thought into it if it’s for a particular event … otherwise, I just look at my closet and pull myself together. At times  I people watch/blog-watch others for ideas or get ideas from other things like arts, nature or just odd things like plates or animals… yeah I know, what can I say? Your environment can influence you…

If you got style, what inspires you? As for me, I have never taken a fashion class in my life, I don’t see it too challenging to put together an ensemble, so am typically stuck for an answer when someone asks me how do I create my looks? I just look and see what goes well for me. Most importantly I feel – I sense does this feel right to me? Do I feel comfortable , confident, or beautiful in this?

What drives your sense of style,  your creations? How do you create the looks that you do? What informs those creations?


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