01 Aug

H&M is finally online!

hm-usa-shop-online-680x388If you have been anticipating, well let me be the first to say the wait is over!!! H&M is now online for us here in US. I recall being so stunned when I went to the online retail store and to my dismay I learned you can’t shop online , ( Ain’t no body got time for this) but you can browse?!?! ( yea, tease me) Well, no more of that! We don’t have to hate on the other counties who could shop anymore. Now, you can window-shop as well as be in danger of emptying out you pockets, who’s down for that?? lol A few hand raises I take? lol

I didn’t make any purchase(s) yet (exercising will-power), but I sure will one of these days. For those of you who are ready to shop, here’s the link: H&M, indulge my friends!!


P.S: As a welcoming offer H&M is offering FREE SHIPPING with code 0549 on your first order until August 15th.

Happy Shopping!


Stylish Sana

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