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Opinion & Thoughs: Let’s talk shopping

Hey all, this here is a long post. If you’re not up for it, you’ve been warned … skip it (lol)

Anyhow, one of my good friends who reads my blog every so often mentioned , ” Dang you are shopping a lot these days huh?”. As a fashion blogger, I can see how it may appear that way. I have been cognitive of the assertion that folks may make like, ” Dang, how much clothes do you have?”, ” How often do you shop, you shop a lot huh?”, ” How do you afford to buy all these clothes?” etc…

Now, these are all things I took in consideration and thought about in deciding to practically open up my closet for the world  to see and have a public fashion diary of sort. Check my “About “section (above) to learn why I chose to blog.  It seems I was meant to be a blogger, I always remembered exactly where I bought my clothes even years later,  way before blogging and documenting it started, now that asset  simply comes in handy when I blog and share where I found this or that piece. As a new blogger, I  readied my self for the possibilities of judgments, opposition or even assumptions towards my styling, shopping, body-shape or anything for that matter. I had to make sure I acknowledged this and was honest with myself  that it can/will happen and can I handle it?


Okay, let’s talk shopping. Firstly, am no longer a student trying to balance academic finances and what not, but when I was a student,  I handled my most important needs first – not to mention I graduated college debt-free, never taking a loan. I worked my buns off and earned enough scholarships. Although I am post undergrad, I do still have other bills ( I paid off my car, yaye we thank God!) but you know once you start paying bills they say it never stops ( Young kids enjoy while you can). Anyhow,  I shop only after I have handled my major bills, and as of the last eight months after I have paid myself first by distributing a stash into my savings account ::pats self in the back:: then I see if there’s money left over or if there’s something I want or need.

Now, on occasions, if am gonna keep it real, I have my impulsive moments like anyone and may buy something and later have buyers-remorse because it was too expensive or I didn’t really need it, or the money could have been served better to go towards other needs. And yes at times I may spend $80 dollars on a dress – it usually is a very unique item that I’ll spend on if I believe I ain’t gonna find a look alike ever. Also, depending on my cash flow… but see even $80 to me is expensive and it only occurs in a blue – and I mean the bluest moon ever that I spend that much! lol And even then I have to re-justify the purchase for days before am completely over it and guilt free.

Am I the only one that has debates over an item to myself? I used to ask myself, ” Can I sleep well, live without this if I do not buy it?” Will it hunt me?LMBO!! I switched it to ” Do I need this? Can I find something similar to it? Will I wear it often? Can it be maximized?” I switched these thought-process because the latter sounded desperate and to be honest it ain’t that serious (lol), like yes I can live without it and when I say to my self “I can’t” ” or I gotta have that piece”, this is when an obsessive, compulsive spirit takes over and a need is created instead of a want. It’s just not as constructive as do I need it? Can I find something similar? Will I wear it often or can it be maximized?


 I don’t think I shop anymore than the average woman. Yes like the average woman I have moments where I question if am a “shopaholic” because I have overindulged a bit. To make it plain: I do not shop everyday, not even every week – what do I look like? I shop for a living?!? SILLINESS!! Typically I shop for particular items to complete a look, for a particular item for an event if I have searched my closet endlessly or for an adventure to ease my mind off something or unwind which is typically at second-hand stores where it won’t cost me much or I exchange old clothes for newer clothes with most of the consignment or exchange stores.

 If I find myself joining a friend whose more free with their shopping budget, I hit up the discount racks first or budget myself with a limit of how much I can buy or just bring cash and leave the debit card at home.Thrift shopping for me is more about the thrill, hunt, and suspense if I may say … you never know what you’re going to find – if anything (lol) That’s why I enjoy it for adventure, leisure, stress-relieve, lets-see-what-we-find type of shopping. I have said this before somewhere on the blog: 80% of my closet is filled with vintage, thrift-ed items. I don’t take clothes that serious so much so that am caught up in brands/labels … I wear what I like, what makes me feel comfortable and what I can afford – and please believe you me I DO NOT SHOP for outfits to put on this blog – that’d be a MAJOR FAIL! Please fall back if you ever thought that babe!


I can only shop for what I can afford  ( I don’t own a Credit Card. Unless you have proper self-discipline it’s the best approach to avoid them… there are other ways to build a credit score) I am certainly more of a quantity over quality type of girl. See, some won’t blink twice dropping $200 plus on some shoes or purse – forget blinking, I’d become blinded by the cost and faint!!

I prefer to hunt and hunt for sales, bargains, knock-off versions or even thrift and with the $200 buy me bags and bags full of various things that I can use to recreate newer looks with what I already have at home – getting maximum wear out of my clothes is a must!  Many folks are mislead to think because it’s designer, oh they’ll look OH-SO-FAB!! It’s not smart to look a HOT-DARN-MESS for $200  and for one item – just saying. Now if you can afford that and you know how to style your own body, well then go on with your bad self!! ( I ain’t mad at you one bit) I ain’t sure if/when I  get to your level and I can afford it if I will actually buy $200 purses ; poor man’s mentality perhaps? lol just saying, been used to deals for too long!!

It’s not very often I purchase full priced items. I call my self  “Outfit Stalker”  I’ll stalk something I like, wait till it goes on sale or search E-bay, Amazon … I ain’t about to buy it only to see it cheaper months later, nah, none of that here! While others see this as cheap, I see it as a great strategy for managing my finances whilst still looking cute dot com!

Let me share with you how I go about reinventing the same materials over and over! Firstly, I force my self to get out of my box! If you always pick this “here shirt” and wear it with “that there pants” STOP THAT! Do not have a set-uniform schedule of your attires! You start fresh each day you face that closet and allow for each piece to be individual, never-mind what they were paired with previously!Allow you imagination to run, permittee yourself freedom to be different. I always say if whatever ensemble I created  feels normal when I look in the mirror, then I have not pushed myself and re-created a new look, no wonder it feels comfy and safe, DUHHH…

Trust me being fashionable is for the fierce. At times this means being  stared at with  raised eyebrows on occasion because you got out of the box. A little secret: sometimes folks are secretly admiring that you were that daring to pull it off and that you even walked out the house with it! They were just not as brave, trust, they may have even tried a “crazy” look but were like uh…uh this is too much (lol). This is not to say dress like Lady Gaga with meat and all that jazz or that if you have a minimalist fashion approach push yourself to wear something over-the-top, NO! Not at all, still listen to your personal style but re-create your looks.

I ain’t saying repeating clothes is bad or anything, am just saying if you want to be creative and grow your bank account instead of spending silly money on items you’ll wear once, twice or maybe never, try some of these tips. And of course every so often ( I mean like very rarely) treat yourself and get that say designer dress, purse, jacket because you can get it and you feel you deserved it!

If you have your own tips PLEASE do share.


One more thing I meant to say. I leave my closet door open, in my future home I would want glass doors or no doors. I also have  clear storage buckets with extra clothing. I choose clear storage boxes and leave my closet door open because sometimes am sitting there and POW!! I notice that print and that print may actually work well together. It just allows for a creative moment to occur randomly, that’s fun for me!

Feel free to contact me for ideas on how to reinvent one look that you may be stuck with. (Email is on the contact button above)  Lastly, always know accessories allow for you to switch looks easily. Do invest in some statement necklaces, affordable glasses, scarfs, earrings and even a variety of lip colors etc…

Someone once said, ” Don’t go broke trying to look rich, act [SHOP] your wage!

Much love and please take this piece lightly. I hope I didn’t offended anyone 🙂

p.s  for online shopping, stay on the look out for coupon codes, it can be a big relieve to drop off a couple of $$


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