21 Aug

Thrift trip

Hey all, I hope your week is coming along well.

I meant to post this last week, but I got busy with other things.  One of my favorite type of shopping to do is “thrifting”. I spoke on it a little more  here. In short it’s just such a thrill and a hunt – you never know what you’ll discover, if anything. Also, it’s usually not that expensive either, hence my reasons of thrifting at times when am  stressed or feeling very creative!  Not to forget, you’re bound to find very unique pieces that are no longer  being mass produced, so you can stand out!

thiftshopping I like this black/white straw fedora hat, but it didn’t fit me too well – perhaps it’s the weave?!? I passed it on to my guy, but I don’t think he fancies it much. It may re-surface on me when I have a shorter hair-do! We’ll see.

thiftshopping Basic summer go-to dress but I left it. I struggle with proper breast support in such tops being that I am double Ds, I didn’t want be bothered with that!

thiftshoppingthiftshopping I loveee sequins but I have yet to find a sequin anything that works well for me! This was yet another stab to the chest :-(! It would have been a super provocative piece, it was too short for my liking. I though of altering it into a shirt but that’ll be too costly and I know I won’t wear it much.

thiftshopping This is a rich pink leather skirt passed the knee length. It didn’t even make it into the fitting room with me. Goodness the waist was so darn tiny ** I wish**


thiftshopping Another pink skirt, I know! Pink was flirting with me I tell you… Anyhow, every time I go to this thrift store I see this skirt. It boggles my mind why no one has purchased it by now! I think it’s beautiful!! So, I allowed it to come home with me. Only reason I never got it initially was because it wouldn’t squeeze passed my bubble butt  **Always hampers the process I tell you, ::Hash tag:: Buttyproblems* I decided am gonna turn it into a fancy shirt. Be on the look-out 😉

thiftshopping I figured Fall is around the corner, this boots would be a perfect addition, but nah they had plans for someone else :-(.


Until next time, thanks for reading

Stylish Sana,

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