23 Aug

A second “Big Chop”

In the black natural-hair community a “Big Chop” – also abbreviated (BC) means the cutting of all of you hair at once.  I am not talking about a few inches or a bob, THIS IS A CHOP, not a cut! It should be the most drastic cut you have ever done, it should be chunks of hair – the most you have chopped off in one sitting if I may say. You get it?

Got it or not ( I can’t hold in the announcement any longer),  I did a second BC!!!!

big chop

…and here’s my last hair-do before the BC

professional dressy

Like the post’s title says it is my second time, it was easier this go around, but let me say this it is the hardest hairstyle to adjust to immediately. Check out this article: You did the Big Chop: Five Things People Thinking. to get an idea as to why. My personal reason for doing it is simply wanting change, and a drastic one at the moment, why? Just because!

Check out my natural hairstyles from the first time:

Natural hairstylesNatural hair stylestwist-out natural hair

 I find it an interesting coincident, every time I get a major hair change, some famous celeb has gotten one too. Recall when First Lady ,Mrs. Obama, cut her hair into bangs and I had a change too? See here. Now, I did this BC and I hear Beyonce Knowles got a bob cut that made it top news for CNN – my thoughts on that news judgment on CNN’s part will be a chat for later  – but ain’t that such a coincident? lol

I always say with hair change, they needs to be a style review of sort. Now that am natural again, you’ll see lots of turbans, African print head scarfs, (like here) hats, wigs, large earrings, statement necklaces, lots of arm candy,bright colors and more makeup than often ( fake lashes to be precise, gotta play-up my feminine qualities)

**As my hair grows am also liable to do many short-lived hairstyles, you may see braids, extensions, kinky-twists, crochet styles etc. Basically LOTS OF FUN**

natural hair

WIGS:  in general I believe every black woman should own one and other races if they want to. For us it is the “savior” to many a disaster moments and  our “Go-to” when we gotta go! Also, let’s keep it real, mainstream America got some issues with my ” Nappy by Nature” appearance and at times to avoid the discussion(s) ” Can I touch your hair?” ” Are you wearing an afro” ” Having a bad hair day?”  or to be prescribed stereotypes such as a super-duper pro-Black Panther sister anti-white and what not … I just “Wig-it” so I can do my job and appear ” Normal” and “professional”.

Turbans/Scarfs: Learn how to tie these stylishly for days you don’t feel like doing you hair. It’ll give ya an edge!

Hats: It ain’t for everybody but they are also like a billion different types, am sure you can find one that works for your particular head shape! I say go for it!

Much love, thanks for reading,


Stylish Sana

Mixup, Fixup & the Big Chop

P.S I was a bit concerned if my guy will like my chopped hair look. I  believe most men are media-washed/trained to attach length of hair to a beauty of a woman ( narrow definition of beauty). Glad my guy wasn’t eating what he was being fed 🙂 He LOVES it!!

Stylish Sana

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