26 Aug

B.O.D – Be On Display

Be on display

“Your body is like a work of art, dress to be on display.”

 Dressing is a form of art.  Don’t be afraid to create something that folks want to aww or stare at, that’s what art is for … to evoke emotions, to incite dialogue! There are various pallet of colors, shades, textures and even cuts to dig through!  I, for one, am my own biggest art project By now, my frequent readers know I enjoy reinventing my look and this here is another creation! All of the pieces I have on have graced this blog at one point, except for the leggings ( I am big on re-working the same pieces). I just went for an unconventional combo so as to add an edge with my new hair-do. Typical, one would go for a solid color shirt with such leggings but when I looked close at the scarf print shirt I noticed it too had vertical prints ( blue and shorter) this was enough commonality for the two to vibe well in my eyes – an outfit was birthed!

Be on displayBe on displayBe on displayBabe preferred the look with my shirt not cropped, (You know between us, who’s more conservative…) here’s how it looked with it down.

Be on displayBe on displayBe on displayBe on displayBe On DisplayBe On DisplayBe on displayBe on displayBe on displayBe on displayBe on displayBe on displayOutfit details: Leather Jacket: Ross// Shirt: Thrift// Leggings: some store at the mall// Shoes: Target//Lips: Vamp it Up// Earrings: I don’t remember.


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