15 Sep

Emotional dresser


I was undecided if  I wanted to wear the back of this shirt the way it was meant to be ( open back) or wear it in the front. Which way looks best to you?

Camoflage Camoflage I don’t know why am looking like that, lol it’s hard making these “model faces” !collageOutfit details: Shirt: Boutique ( seen here before)// Camo skinny jeans: River Island(similar here)// Shoes: Zara// ( Similar here)// Jacket: thrift// Clutch: Thrift// Earrings: Boutique

Camoflage CamoflageJewelry tip: Layer or mix N match your jewelry for that chunky look.  see right hand (monochromatic bangle, my brother got me for Christmas ’13, mixed  with bright beaded bracelet)camoflageZara shoesCamoflage Camoflage I had a Marilyn Monroe moment … a gush of wind came by.

camo pantsZara shoes

Most attempts of pre-planned outfits fail for me, why? Well, I dress based on my emotions.  My emotions dictate what I wear. You see, I can put together an outfit for the next day, but I assure you if I put it on and it just doesn’t “click” I ain’t leaving the house with it.  In short : what I wear has to speak to my mood and feeling – this here is one of the reasons I suck at packing for a trip too. I ponder back and forth …  what if by the time I get to my location am not in the mood for any of the stuff I packed?!?! ** mini heart-panic mode** lol Then I pack “back-up” clothes, therefore over-packing!! My friends the cycle of over-packing is: uncertainty and over-obsessing!

Most days I wear whatever comes to mind ( usually it’s something I have mapped out mentally), but some days I create a mountain of clothes until I find the perfect fit for my say present emotion (like this day, boy my room was a mess after!) As you can imagine this makes me tardy at times (Ask my guy, he has a whole speech on this topic). This is  why for work I try to plan two-three outfits in my head in advance.

Are your outfits determined by how you feel?

Do you plan your outfits out and stick to them?

Your turn….



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