14 Oct

October Desires

A few item I’ve been having a “staring” problem with … can’t stop drooling over them.

October Favorites

People Tree short green dress, $77 / Coat / Zara legging / Faux leather corset / Charlotte Russe thigh high heel boots / Vans skate shoes / Michael Kors golden necklace / H&M jewelry, $4.78 / Charlotte Russe round earrings / drugstore.com
My fall go-to are leggings, they’re so easy to slip on and go! Mine always rips, so I need to stock up! I’ve , also,  been searching forever for the perfect over-the-knee boots ( since like a billion years ago)  when you have thick legs it’s challenging to get one that can go  past the calf  of the leg. I love the boots riding under a nice wrap dress look – this look is forever a classic Fall/Winter look.
I know you saw the corset and you were like, what?!! With all the jackets and layering, I like to wear corset under to support and mold my shape and to simply feel sexy beneath all these clothes and winter layers, or rock it as a vest over button-up shirts for a sexy winter, wink…wink.
I’m in need of simple gold studs to pair with my minimalist approach for fall. I’ve also been eying the choker chain necklaces, they’d sit pretty on a turtle neck sweater dress or shirt or even a v-neck wrap dress! It’d be a statement piece!
My lips are already drying, I am in need of medicated lip care! I also have to dig in my makeup for a nude, subtle color like that one from Riri MAC – I am sure I have something similar. lastly, as you know, I am a  leopard print lover and to add statement pieces for fall, I’d like those vans skate shoes!!
What are some items you need every Fall and which are you desiring at the moment?
Mixup Fixup, & Fall Desires

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