20 Oct

Opinion & thoughts: Top 5 things you should know before you thrift

If you have thrift-d, you already got this ( well, maybe), if you’re a beginner – first,catch up (lol), secondly know this 5 things. I thought of a list-sorta-thing after taking my younger sister thrift-ing yesterday for the first time! O-M-G  I’m converting her into a vintage-babe!! I was trying to think of how to prep her, so I pushed myself to create this list:


(1) You have never been thrifting, therefore you shouldn't have anything to compare it with ( remove expectations), Instead KEEP AN OPEN MIND. I say, see it as a great adventure/hunting experience. You never know what you'll run into - if anything!  For one, it's not going to smell like a department store. It's clothing that's been passed down, helloooo! but no worries, there's something called soap and water to help that problem after you make a purchase. Now, once in a while, you do find clothing(s) that has never been worn, bright new with the original tags and all ( yes you may dance in the isle at this moment of discovery).
(2) Allow your creative juices to flow. Why? well once again it's not a department store wherein you can search for another size. What you find is typically it - that's it sweetie! If you really like it, you've got to think outside of the box about how you're going to style it ...  i.e a dress that's too short, wear it as a shirt instead; a shirt that's too over-sized, cinch it with a belt or tuck it in - figure SOMETHING out!! If you're not "the-creative-type" invest in a tailor - the next most important relationship to a thrifter besides a great hunting buddy is a tailor. They'll help you to reconstruct your outfit; snip here, sew here, cut there ...whatever you'd like.
(3) It is cheap, affordable, not costly ... whatever politically correct term tickles you. However, it can all add up easily! I have a tendency of buying things because 'oh it's just a $1, $5" but remember all that can add-up easily! It ain't no point every time walking out of a thrift store with totals of $50 or whatever you consider expensive, just because of buying more things ( especially if you got it simply because it's cheap, remember you're there to maximize your dollar and find some kick-ass unique statement pieces too) you may as well go to a department store and get your 2-3 items for $50 if after all $50 ain't too much to spend for you. In short, don't get caught up piling on things just because it's cheap. Question, how does this add to my repertoire of clothing? How can it compliment/enhance my looks? If it were not cheap would I be dying to have it? Good one huh?
(4) You can purchase clothes with clothes, say what? Again, you can purchase clothes with clothes! You dont always need $ to get "new" things! It's called trading or exchanging. There are a lot of thrift-trading or clothing exchange stores around! They allow you to exchange lightly used garments - that's still in-season- with whatever you find in the store that you'd like. Now the policy for each place differs, but it's always a plus to be in a win-win situation. We all have clothes we wore ones and didn't like it anymore for one reason or the other or we've grown tired of it sooner than anticipated, this here is an excellent opportunity to trade it for something else. My favorite traders stores are Thrift trader, Freestyle and Crossroads.
(5) It's so easy to fall out of touch with modern times, you can  lose control and become a serial thrifter **raises hands** hello! Don't completely forget the times you're living in and start looking like you fell from a different era! I know the prices can be alluring and the vintage feel can be funky and unique but, even I have to remind myself, it's time to visit a Forever 21, H&M or another department store of  sort so you can 'Mixup, fixup' your looks accordingly. Also, just so you know don't sleep on Yard Sales, you'll be amazed what you find that's current or designer label, especially in affluent neighborhoods! lastly, there are online thrift stores as well for your convenience. I have yet to find one I like and order anything from, so I'm not gonna recommend one just yet.

These are my top 5 tips for new thrifters, now go on and enjoy the deals!

One more thing before I sign off, you don’t have to be a proud thrifter like a part of a movement sorta thing,  yes it is a new phenomenon but no pressure to carry a label ‘”Thriftaholic”. Don’t feel bad about not wanting to share the fact that you got your things from a second-hand store, you don’t owe anyone an answer, or even a truthful one at that –  it’s just clothes!

And yes there are judgments that come with purchasing second-hand clothing  just like they are judgement to pretty much any other thing we do! So, relax, shop, style it  and enjoy your creations. I started thrifting way before it was the “in” thing to do and I refused to tell anyone where I got my things from for fear of embarrassment ( This was high school then),  now, I don’t care … it helps that I feel like I was part of a fashion revolution of sort so at times I proclaim it, lol


Stylish Sana

Mixup, Fixup and start thrifting damn it!




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  1. stylishsana

    @disqus_I6uHplyN7G:disqus I love thrifting too!!I love the excitement of running into something fab! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  2. Tiffany Williams

    Thrifting is so much fun!!! I always find the best stuff 🙂 This was a fun post!!

    • stylishsana

      I love thrifting too!! I love the excitement of running into something fab! Thanks for reading 🙂


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