12 Nov

Bust[ing] Out

Busting out

QuotationI decided to bust  the bra out and go public with it … I know it’s suppose  to be on the inside **hopes mother doesn’t see this post** but it looks darn stylish and edgy on the outside – it’s cool and rebellious!  And if anyone knows me, the only way I rebel is through fashion, otherwise I am team good girl!

Bust outBusting outBabe and I literally chased the sun for two days! With his busy schedule and how far I work, by the time we meet up the sun is like peace out! I really wanted a vibrant and shiny glow for this shot. However, in it’s own way, shooting it with this night-feel turned out just fine!

Busting outMy guy would have a field day if he could burn this shoes!! I don’t get his distaste for it?? I love the easiness of this shoes and I’ve searched for it forever! He says the thick block heel reminds him of an old woman?! See, men don’t know NOTHING about chic, classy style, SMDH … Ladies don’t ask him what he thinks, he’ll have you second-guessing …Busting OutBusting outBusting outBusting outDetails: Dress worn as shirt: H&M (Alternative) // Pants: Random store(alternative) // Bra: Ross (Alternative)  Shoes: Charlotte Russe (Alternative) (Alternative)// Clutch: Thrifted (Alternative)

Busting OutBusting outBusting outBusting outBusting OutBusting outBusting OutTwo things I rather not shop for: bra and pants ( Esp jeans) … it’s a big breast and big ass problem! SERIOUSLY! It’s always hard to find the right and appropriate fit for these body parts. To me, I see it as a curse of the century to juggle and manage these two so-called ‘blessing’, ‘endowment’ … whatever happened to just having one or the other? lucky me**

Busting outBusting OutBusting OutBusting Out

I once told my mother I wanted to get breast reduction. Of course she opposed it! She said that’s matters to be discussed with my future husband and to think of my future children (lol) Although, my breast don’t give me any sort of back ache or anything, I just think huge boobs are not stylish, they make it hard to dress appropriately! I know! It just gets in the way, an attempt to look chic and edgy at times looks over-sexualized – as though I’m begging for attention, that’s definitely not the energy I ever try to engage,  not publicly at least 😉


My bra-on-the-outside-look was inspired by an integrated bra on a shirt look I saw on a blog ( Can’t recall the name). All I know was I saw it, I liked it and decided to  re-create the look by wearing an actual bra on the outside. To which my guy said, ” I know you’re daring, I just don’t want people laughing at you” So are you laughing or you find it chic?

Style tip: If you want to pull this off, wear a tight shirt, if not a dress ( like I did) so it’s smooth. Better yet a bodysuit shirt would be great. Wear a solid color bra only, otherwise it’ll look tacky! I plan on doing this similar look again, but with my white strapless bra.


Update:  December is going to be a CRAY- cray month! It’s my Blog anniversary ( ONE YEAR!!) It’ll be my very first time celebrating a relationship anniversary too, my boo-thang and I celebrate one year of courting Dec 1st, and lastly it’s Christmas and my dad’s birthday!


Mixup Fixup & Bust out your bra!

Stylish Sana

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