16 Nov

NEW YORK Dreamin’

StylishsanaNew York quoteNew York New York New York New York The power of clothing is, many times, underrated! We forget how it can alleviate certain feelings or evoke particular emotions. Case in point: weddings brides wear white; baby shower colors, blue=boy, pink=girl; black typically for funerals and red for passion etc.

These colors and certain styles have become symbolic of an emotions – of a moment! I say this because fur evoke wealth to me. When I wear fur, I go into my –  pretend I am mega rich – swag and in particular during this shoot, that aura  was so strong that one of the construction guys near the site took his cell phone out and started taking pictures of me?!? HOLD UP!!

When I was leaving I had to stop by and ask him what made him snap away? He said he though I was someone rich or famous?!? Where should he know me from? HA!! ONE DAY – we hope. In short, clothes are powerful –  even more so when you have a photographer taking pictures for your blog, lol. Seriously, don’t only dress how you feel, dress how you want to be perceived or what energy you want to arouse.New York new yorkNew York New York The two curvy “bangles” are actually my humongous earrings!! I wanted more silver arm candy. So, it had to substitute**New York New York Graphics have been trending for a while now, I am just fixing myself to feast on this trend. I jump on trends on my pace.New YorkNew York 045OUTFIT: Shirt: dress cut into shirt (alternative)// Skirt: Ross (alternative)// Fur vest: Thrifted (alternative)// Shoes: Forever21 (alternative)// Hat: thrifted (alternative)// clutch: Arizona Airport (old) (alternative)New York New York New York New York New York New York New York New York

Style tip: To style a sport-luxe look, there are few basic sporty goods one needs: tennis shoes, athletic clothing or athletic accessories. Here I threw on the snapback hat and voila! The fur and wedges juxtapose with the hat for just the right sport-luxe look!

I hope your weekend is going well !




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