20 Nov

The awesomeness that is Lupita

 Lupita Nyong’o has been all over the web as of recent … who is she you ask? Nyong’o shot to fame after her role in the American film: 12 Years A Slave.  ( Yet to watch it)

When something or someone is awesome we all wanna bask in it too – as if we had anything to do with it (lol) Let my just say besides being East African like her, I stayed in Kenya for three years during my pre-teens. It doesn’t make me Kenyan by all means but besides my home country: South Sudan, Kenya is the next best place  that feels like home in Africa for me. What am I getting at?? I feel the need to rep, even harder than most, for this chick due to this commonality! lol

Introducing the awesomeness that is Lupita:

Photo courtesy: Google Image Search

Photo courtesy: Google Image Search

Nyong’o is on InStyle Magazine cover, December 2013
Photo Courtesy: Instyle Magazine.

Photo Courtesy: Instyle Magazine.

The girl is darn cuttteee and she’s chocolatey, something that’s not always in the front pages of magazines – just saying they neglect us deep chocolates too much!  For once, feast on another flavor of beauty America!

Courtesy of Instyle Magazine

Courtesy of Instyle Magazine

Now, she may have been styled for this shoot but let me tell you, the girl has her own original personal style. Her style is elegant, chic and feminine! If you’re asking , yes I have a style-crush!!Lupita

Quick observations: she obviously doesn’t buy into limiting sayings such as “if you’re dark skin, you shouldn’t play with lipstick colors!” It works for her! She also has no fear wearing vibrant colors. Lastly, I am hating on her toned arms – LOOK AT THEM!

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Lupita is definitely putting East Africa on the map. I think we’ll start seeing more from that part of Africa! She’s brought the focus!

What do you think of her personal style? Is it a ‘MixFix’ creation or a total miss?

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