27 Nov

Favorite Dressed Celebrities.

Below are my TOP SIX favorite dressed celebrities. It’s not listed in a particular order, I  simply like their styles, mainly because it is either unique, loud, in-your-face, bright or odd! I have a penchant for extraordinary style! I wouldn’t say they inspire me necessarily because I hardly follow any one’s  particular style or read fashion magazines in general – shocker, I know. I try to focus on myself and create my thing – my idea of what will look good on me.

Now, they may  influence me or bring about an idea but I don’t just look up to them and then dress. I go about my dressing as I please and may borrow an idea here and there. These women always catch my eye in their personal taste and execution of style – they are creative!  Many times I stop and just say WOW when I come across them on the web or while checking out groceries at the stand.

Check them out:


Angela Simmons

I love unpredictability in style; creativity flows easier when you’re free in your style.  One minute you can look sweet, the next edgy and daring – no constrictions, bigger playground! I love that Angela  is unpredictable in her style! It’s easy to get a uniform going and grow complacent. Personally, if I see myself getting into that, usually I break out of it by changing my hairstyle. Many times my hair inspires my look.

Angela Simmons


Sarah Jessica Parker

She’s the queen of high-fashion, glamor and perfect elegance!  She balances lady-like elegance with just the right amount of sexiness and finishes of with something quirky.  If I could afford dressing her price, I would dress like her. At times it’s a blur between her infamous character Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City and her actual style … I am not sure who is influencing whom but I like them both! I also like SJP’s casual street style.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker


Chrisette Mitchele

I utterly admire her urban, street, edgy look especially when she has natural hair. It’s easy for me to get influenced by her because she has a round face like me and a full figure as well. When I first chopped my hair off I used her head shape as a reference. Chrisette Mitchele


Solange Knowles

I have no idea what Solange fell into, but whatever it was, it was a great fall!  Her fashion has since been awakened! She’s truly the master of print mixing – and y’all KNOW I love prints!! She has put African fabrics in the map, as an African I’m pleased. I CANNOT post enough pictures of her style! I have a whole separate post about her style here. Her fashion literally leaves my heart racing – the vibrant colors, varying patterns and textures are admirable!


Courtney KardashianShe has fabulous fashion sense for the classic, preppy look. I think she wears black and white so well! She also plays with solid colors and neutrals a lot, reminding me to take a break from loud, busy colors and prints!

Kourtney Kardashian



The only consistency with Rihannah is change and I mean change from head to toe! Style is about experimenting, and constantly evolving with her. She makes her own rules and breaks whichever ones are in place. I love that she never settles, you never know what she’ll start wearing next. She’s my ultimate favorite dressed celeb!

Do you enjoy any of these six women’s style? If not, who’s your favorite dressed then? For the most part if none of these ladies’ style give you that excitement, I am not sure that my bog will because I would throw myself in their category somewhere and I would die to shop in their closets!

Stylish Sana

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