05 Dec

One year

It’s my blog anniversary, Dec, 5! I have been blogging for one year – where did time go?!? It all started as an outlet to connect with others in my struggle with identity-crisis post undergrad. Feeling lost no longer carrying college student as a title and pending for the next chapter of life – somehow it turned into a full blown personal style diary! My about section explain that.

I am still on a journey of career, meaning, and purpose, trying to  find a way to make an income so I can provide for a future –  somehow in there not willing to lose who I am. What make me come alive – my passion(s). Pondering the infamous subject: to follow my passion and struggle for earning or to be strategic and choose wisely a lucrative career.

I may post pictures of trivial things like what I wore, where to buy this or how to style that, but it is the easier way to connect with an audience I don’t know. It is less vulnerable and less scary in comparison to opening up about my fears of not succeeding, not knowing what I am good at, feeling inadequate or utterly lost … that topic is much more complicated to write about, much more scary to share with the world.

For now I’ll continue to use clothes, shoes, whatever exterior adornments as the vehicle to share the little details of my life as I go through it wearing these adornments … one shoes, dress, lipstick at a time I go about life. Day by day, moment by moment learning who I am, why I am.  Wanting to encourage another, to live together yet separately, to journey through life together because in the big picture my story is your story and your story is mine.

nelsonmandela2The picture above may seem random … in his youth ,you may not recognize him immediately, but this is former President Nelson Mandela of South Africa. He happen to pass way on my blog’s anniversary ( not suggesting this is a huge point of connection at all) Instead that it ,simply and appropriately, took away plans I had for a give away.

I rather take this post to honor my favorite African president than casually go about fashion business as usual. No, I am not that blogger who doesn’t cringe at the site of seeing herself in post after post posing with various outfits. I , too, get tired of seeing me and I too grow wearily of seeming ” full of myself” or “shallow”. Moving along,  at a young age, my first notion of what a president is was learned by knowing him.  I grew  knowledge of Apartheid when I watched the classic African movie Sarafina. It was there I was introduced to the word freedom. As a little African girl I wanted to be Sarafina. I wanted to save people! It looked awesome to do that! It was in this movie that I learned of a truth that I was unaware of as a child. The fight for freedom!

Madiba, as Mandela is known to us Africans, will never be forgotten. He is truly the father of Africa. He is one of my greatest inspirational leaders. His life and the fight he chose is admirable and can never be forgotten! You have touched many baba, now take your rest.quote-no-one-is-born-hating-another-person-because-of-the-colour-of-his-skin-or-his-background-or-his-nelson-mandela-249567Nelson_Mandela-Quote-AD

You were born, you saw, you conquered, you left a mark.

Rest in peace

Thank you

Things to remember him by:

Stylish Sana

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