12 Dec

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s truly beginning to look like Christmas! Most people have their decorations up by now. Most of the streets here are sparkling with colorful lights , homes with open windows yielding to a glimpse of a Christmas tree, grocery stores stocked with gift ideas, candies, ornaments and all the things that make it Christmas.

If you haven’t decorated yet or, like me, you like unique things below are great decoration ideas. ChristmasCork-Christmas-decorations-2Decorating, event planning and interior design are yet another creative passion of mine. It’s not too far from putting together an outfit really. It still requires a creative eye, understanding of colors, texture and shapes to create a room/environment that exudes the feeling of joy, family and Christmas or whatever energy you’re seeking.

It en-tells multiple steps consisting of miniature tasks, which I enjoy – nothing like having a mini to-do-lists and checking them off – I get that same thrive in cooking. Yes I , too, love cooking!!  In an outfit you have to check hair, outfit, footwear to ensure some sort of fluidity, consistency … same with decoration. It needs to have a theme, pattern, easiness to the eye – something,or it can look like a mess!

Beautiful-Old-Fashioned-Christmas-Rustic-and-Vintage-Christmas-Décor-pin-crop-915x651 Christmas

The one thing I am excited about in the future is having my own home, decorating it the way I want and creating traditions with my husband and future children – let a girl dream, tis the season!


Checkout this awesome ornament idea! I plan on making this one!DIY-Project-Best-Unique-Christmas-Tree-Holiday-Ornament-Ornaments-Craft-Make-634x850


Mixup, Fixup & Christmas decorations
Have a joyous day friends!

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