22 Dec

WISH LIST & Last Minute Shopping

Hello! I hope your weekend was well.
I was just imagining what I would want for Christmas, check my wish list out!
Holiday Wish list
  1. Pointy toe leopard print shoes
  2. Full skirt ( Midi length)
  3. Lace bustier ( White preference)
  4. Facial scrub brush
  5. White tennis shoes
  6. Perfume
  7. Valentino rock stud heels
  8. Eyebrow cake powder

Are you a last-minute shopper? Sometimes we all get busy and realize we haven’t done our shopping on a timely manner. If you are just starting to shop, no need to fret. Here are quick basic gift ideas that any of your girlfriends will appreciate. Focus on getting something that us, women, usually run out of and forget to re-stock or something that we misplace a lot like small stud earrings or bracelets if you’re not sure what to get.
What to get her for Christmas

You know the women in your life better, if they enjoy makeup, take a sneak in their bag and see what could be a pleasant surprise for them. Even better, just look at her wallet, many people carry the same wallet for years and never think to switch it even when it’s busting at the seams!  Another one, check out her main go-to bag and if it’s wearing out, get her a similar style for replacement.

If you’re buying just one thing, make sure it is of good quality so it’s not like you simply grabbed whatever that is cheapest. For instance, if you choose to help her and re-stock her lotion, please don’t just get her simple ol’ Vaseline lotion from Walmart, get her some body butter, perfume lotions with small convenient hand lotion set. I know you’ll do well!! Just give what you would want given unto you <– best gift-giving advice my mother ever told me! If you would want it so badly, exercise sacrifice and buy it for someone who you love and care about – let them have the same excitement you were having over it!

P.S regardless of the gift giving, please lets NEVER forget the main reason for the season is the birth of our savior. No one should make you feel bad if you didn’t get them a gift, these are all man-made traditions to add to the festivity, but do not be distracted all in all. Truly review what the Lord has done for us in the ultimate sacrifice, open your heart to that and walk in that spirit specially on the day we commemorate as his birth!

Much love, Merry Christmas in advance!

Mixup Fixup & Merry Christmas friends!!


Stylish Sana

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