31 Dec

B-lated Christmas

This is a late picture post from my Christmas church service outfit. A day after isn’t too late to say ” Merry Christmas?” Right?

Stylishsana mixupfixup.com

Excuse the middle picture, that’s just the glow of Christmas (lol) – kidding it’s too much sun, that’s what it is! I went for a preppy look with a grid button up t-shirt, bow-tie ( which is actually a little girl hair barrette, but the idea came upon me and I loved it) black pencil skirt and polka dot tights!I finished off with a cream color fur vest, which this picture isn’t giving it much justice. I’ll wear it again that’s for sure. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!

It was a wonderful Christmas service! For me, without a church service, it never feels like Christmas! I had to praise my savior!!

Be blessed and have a wonderful day!

Jesus is the reason for the season

Stylish Sana

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